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Blood on the Clocktower is a highly engaging new social bluffing game. A pre-release copy is in Seattle and sessions are running regularly for those who delight in deduction and deception. It's the next level of Werewolf-style social deduction games and is extremely addictive. Find out more about it at
It offers extremely high replayability because: \

* All players are in it for the entire game, staying on as influential ghosts even if their characters die! In Blood on the Clocktower, death is not the end... \

* Players may enter a game after it starts as powerful traveller characters. \

* Every player has an individual character that is powerful, knows something, or comes with a unique challenge. No two players are ever the same and no two games are ever alike. \

* Drunkenness, madness, and poisoning means that you can never trust anyone completely, not even yourself. \

* The most dynamic moderator role of any bluffing game - The Storyteller decides how to help, hinder, or mislead each team to craft a nail-biting experience each time.
Each game lasts about an hour and many games are played in a single session, so feel free to drop by for one, some, or all games in a night. Try out your best tricks and charms as you make new friends - and then accuse them of murder.

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