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What we’re about

Bothell Dungeons & Dragons is currently in the middle of a campaign. The table is full. If there are additional players or DMs who want to get involved, there is a possibility of adding a second table. If that level of interest arises, we will announce it here and share it with the larger group. Even if you're not currently at our table, we're still glad you are here.

This is an inclusive group. However you might describe yourself, you are welcome. There are only two exceptions to this principle:

  1. Intolerance is intolerable and will not tolerated. Everyone should feel accepted in the group and at the table. If you can't accept others as they are, this isn't the group for you.

  2. Vaccination status:

You must be vaccinated against COVID-19 to participate in events.

Please refer to exception #1 above. Everyone is entitled to follow their own beliefs. If you have chosen to be vaccinated, that is fine. If you have chosen not to get vaccinated, that is also fine. Neither choice needs to be justified, and no explanations are required.