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What is this Meetup About:

This is the official Meetup group of the Boulder Writers Alliance, a non-profit organization established in 1991. You should join this Meetup if you are professional or aspiring communicator. Communication specialties we embrace include technical writing and editing, blogging, copywriting, marketing communications, journalism, fiction and nonfiction writing, instructional design and e-learning, online help, photography and videography, training, Web design, desktop publishing, graphic arts, and more.

Our goal is to help our members find work, increase our marketable skills, and provide employers with a group of capable writing and publishing experts.

The Meetup is open to all who are interested in professional communications, regardless of membership status in BWA. BWA events, including events of the subgroups of BWA, will be posted here. We welcome interjections of energy and ideas from our members, and are open to posting events that you as a member would like to host. Make a suggestion at the BWA Forum (https://bwa.groups.io/g/public) if you would like to post an event related to professional communications.

For more information about BWA click the link below:

BWA Website (https://bwa.org)

Hope to see you soon!!

Upcoming events (4+)

Writers Who Read: The Candy House - Jennifer Egan

Link visible for attendees

April's meeting--IN PERSON at the Boulder Library Main Branch 2nd floor Flatirons Meeting Room & ONLINE (see link when you register)--is The Candy House by Jennifer Egan (USA, 2022) on Sunday starting at 2:30 pm (for 2 hours). Facilities information here.


Who else but Egan could transform the bathos of social media and the negation of our private lives into a metaphor for writers and writing? Egan reprises some of the minor characters from her major classic, A Visit From the Goon Squad, and crafts its equal, if not its better. The chapter written only in email threads is a minor masterpiece. Rock and roll forever!

We are Writers Who Read. We use Literary Forensics to dissect a recent novel (published within the past 18 months) with the goal of uncovering how the author has utilized their skills for effect. Storytelling is an art, but it's not a mystery. Every writer must address the following:

  • Structure, Timeline, Pacing, Suspense, Omission
  • Point of View, including Voice, Character, Place
  • Language, Tense, Imagery, Metaphor, Symbols
  • Motivation: Making a story pop - generating a thrill
  • Why this story? And why now? Industry considerations

We ask that all attendees read the entire book in advance of the meeting, and come bearing their discoveries of how the author has addressed each of the five points above.

What is Literary Forensics? Find out here: https://www.garyalanmcbride.com/literary-forensics/

Creative Writer's Critique Group

Boulder Public Library - Main Library

Calling all creative writers! The BWA Creative Writing Critique Group is back! If no one RSVPs, this meeting will not take place. If you cannot make it, please cancel your reservation.

BEFORE YOU COME email me at [masked] to be added to the Google Docs folder to share documents for critique. Meetup does not allow file sharing.

This is for anyone working on a creative piece - whether it be fiction, non-fiction, poetry, screen plays, etc. Participants will read through the pieces ahead of time, come up with helpful critiques, and discuss them at the meet up. Authors will need a copy of the critiques, whether through email or hard copy, so be prepared.


  • Review full guidelines in Google Docs folder
  • 5-7 pages
  • Double-spaced
  • 12 point Times New Roman or other easy to read font
  • Must be present to receive critique

If you don't submit 5 days before we meet, you will be removed from the Meetup to make room for someone on the waiting list.

I look forward to working with everyone and reading all of your work!

Off the Shelf Book Club (renamed from BWA/STC Work Related )

Online event

Off the Shelf Book Club focuses on work-related books for professionals in technical communication, marketing communication, UX, web design, etc.

Action Items:

  • RSVP
  • Come with 2-3 book ideas.


Write to Publish, Publish to Sell

Online event

Do you want to write to publish a book, but are confused by all the advice out there about the right path to seeing your book in print? Do you want to know about how to sell your book once it is published as well as how people get it on a major best sellers list?

Should you find an agent? (And how do you do that?) Should you go to publishers directly? Should you self-publish? Should you go print-on-demand? Yoinks! It seems like publishing is the new wild west.

While publishing is easier than it's ever been, it's also more confusing. The former gatekeepers no longer hold all the keys, but there are also a lot of people out there selling counterfeit ones. How do you figure out what the best way to do it is when all you really want to do is sit down and write?

BWA has a handful of people who know the ropes, from published authors to those of us who work in the seedy underbelly of the industry. Wanna know what we've done and what's worked?

Then this is the meeting for you.

(Note: The above is a generic introduction to our group. Each month's talk is different by different writers we've found who have expertise about important publishing topics. I will update this copy to reflect each month's meeting as soon as I can for each. For specifics for each meeting, please continue to check back. 😁 )

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BWA Poetry Circle with Wilnona Marie

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