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We will have networking from 630pm to 7ish.

Jeff Dean will be giving a talk about using the new curry method on Procs.


Sometimes you just need functions, and Ruby provides some great tools for writing functions as Procs. In this talk I'll delve into one of the lesser-used features of Procs, the #curry method. Even though Matz called Proc#curry an "Easter egg for functional programming kids," lately I've been currying procs in production code as a way of keeping my more functional code SOLID.

Scott Klein will be giving a talk titled Using ActionMailer to also send SMS, Tweets, and Webhooks.


As Rails folk, we love bending libraries and injecting custom functionality into the default stack. It saves us time, and there is often clever ways to reuse existing functionality for other purposes. ActionMailer is one such piece, and this talk will focus on using the existing functionality to also send other pieces of communication such as SMS messages, tweets, and webhooks.

ActionMailer comes with all of the goodies of controllers and views with View Helpers, ActionMetal filters, naming conventions, etc, and there's no sense in reinventing the wheel just because we're sending something other than an email. Through a clever use of monkeypatching, we can "intercept" the call to Message#deliver to make sure it gets routed to the correct infrastructure, and we'll reuse all of the functionality we're used to getting for free with emails.

If you are coming, please RSVP for the meeting so we can have enough pizza/drinks on hand, provided by Pivotal Labs (