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Join us for a special Boulder Startup Week ( edition of Boulder Ruby Presentation night. Note: we pushed back only this meeting to the third Wednesday. The regular meeting day is the second Wednesday of each month.

At 6:00, we usually have a beginner's track but we're skipping it this week. There are other Boulder Startup Week ( events going on. Instead, we'll be hanging out and chatting. Halfway through Boulder Startup Week, you can talk about the events you went to, or the events you're planning on attending. Feel free to bring technical questions too! Mingling time. Drinks will be available.

Around 6:30, the food arrives, and more mingling!

At 7:15, we do announcements before getting to two our presentations.

Ara Howard was going to tell us how Dojo4 ( builds their battle-tested Rails applications. Unfortunately, his flight got moved up due to weather and won't be able to speak tonight.

Instead, we're going to do lightning talks. Do you want to talk for 5-10 minutes at this meeting? No need to prepare slides if you don't want to, and we'll have a laptop you can borrow for the talk. We'll do at least a couple of these, and possibly a discussion too! Let us know when you arrive if you want to do a lightning talk!

Brooke Kuhlmann is going to speak about Elm & Rails. Elm is a new, functional, reactive programming language for front-end web development. Brooke will:

• walk us through building a simple Elm app on top of a Rails 5.1 API

• tell us about Webpack in Rails 5.1 (compared to the Asset Pipeline), with the `webpacker` gem

• talk to us about Yarn

• demonstrate Elm's (time travelling!) debugger

• talk about CI and deployment on Heroku (if there is ample time)

If you would like to present at this meeting, or at upcoming events, reach out to the organizers on this meetup or ping us at @boulderruby ( on Twitter.