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Kelly Mullen - Reveal Your “Why” for Empowered Decision-Making

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Kelly Mullen - Reveal Your “Why” for Empowered Decision-Making


This meeting will be online via Zoom only. See Zoom info below.

Reveal Your “Why” for Empowered Decision-Making

What if it was critical to a thriving community that you could fully express your gifts and talents, and the unique way in which you share them? When it comes to planning a career, or finding a job, it’s easy to lose sight of what would bring you fulfillment and joy. Cultural conditioning (“How will you make money doing that?” or “That’s not something women/men do” or “I don’t have enough training/education/experience...”) can make it feel challenging to pursue your most expansive dreams, but gaining clarity on your purpose, and how your gifts contribute to a world where everyone is thriving, can help you move beyond these contractive messages.

So how can you gain clarity on your purpose and what you have to offer? Join transformational coach, Kelly C. Mullen, for an engaging session to reveal your “Why” (Why do what you do? What’s important to you?), and gain insight into the unique way in which others’ gravitate to you and appreciate/value what you have to offer, so you can choose the environments, relationships, and experiences that align with your true needs and desires.

As owner of Whole-Self Wisdom, Kelly is passionate about supporting those who want to experience relief from overwhelm, tension, and exhaustion. Whether it’s through private coaching/facilitating energy healing, or facilitating groups/speaking engagements, she creates and holds a space for them to know the power they hold to free up their energy and create a life of connection, fulfillment, and joy.
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Those attending will have the opportunity to introduce themselves and their job search goals and target companies. Constructive feedback, resources, leads, referrals and encouragement from all attending will be encouraged.

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BoulderNet:Free job search networking, presentations&support
BoulderNet:Free job search networking, presentations&support
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