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What we’re about

I use my skills and knowledge as a Certified Peer Specialist, Coach and a member of the BPD community to lead a discussion focused on tools and positive outlook. Living with Borderline can be wonderful, and it helps for us to do it together.

I am a Borderline advocate, and "out" but please know, that not all members are. With me being the only exception, please keep who you see at meetings anonymous.

The $6 is a suggested donation. This is to cover expenses and time, and meant to spread the cost of the meetings amongst those who are comfortable donating. Your presence is more important that your money. And if you are unable to pay, you need not inform me. You are always welcome.

Please know that I moderate the group to ensure that there is no bullying, or abusive language, and reserve the right to remove membership when needed. This is necessary to ensure that the group remains a safe place for all who can benefit.

My intention is and always has been to offer a safe place for those affected by Borderline, to obtain, skills, resources, and confidence. This is a "self help" group. If you are not yet in a place of being able to work on skills on your own, please PM me, so I can offer you some information regarding supportive services in NYC.

Sharon Simon