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What we’re about

At brainstrust we know that people don't just have a brain tumour at 7 on a Thursday evening, and whether you have a brain tumour, are helping someone who is poorly, or have helped someone in the past, not everyone wants to talk about what they’re going through in the same way. These are a couple of reasons why we don’t run support groups. Instead we are always on hand to talk to you over the phone, by email, and face-to-face 24/7, 7 days a week. We were thinking though; whilst our approach is well received, and it means we can keep things personal, it would be great get to know you a bit better. You might find it useful to get to know other people from the brain tumour community too. So, we’ve decided to organise some patient & carer ‘meet ups’ through These aren’t support groups as such, there won’t be a counsellor on hand, by all means you can share information and find mutual support if you want, but the primary objective will be to say ‘hi’ and have some fun. So register now, and come to a brainstrust Meet up!

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