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What we’re about

Welcome! The purpose of this group is to connect and support anyone who is experiencing emotional stress or heartache from a breakup, divorce, or relationship.

Here's what you should do FIRST:
If you're struggling with how to get over your breakup, download my free Mini-Guide called 3 Things You Can Do Now to Get Over Your Breakup at

In it, you'll learn the 3 secrets to get you thinking about your breakup in a new way and how to move forward with confidence, clarity, and WELL-being.

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This Meetup group is for you if:

  • You are struggling to let go of experiences from a relationship(s) in the past.
  • You are going through a breakup or divorce right now or have just experienced one.
  • You are in an on and off relationship, or a “Situationship”, that is uncertain or confusing.
  • You have had addictive or codependent behavioral patterns in your relationships.
  • You are currently in a relationship but the connection and what you want and need from it are gone, and it is damaging to you.
  • You want to connect with others who are going through similar experiences, and you want feel supported.

What to expect at events:

  • Share stories, experiences, and ideas in a growth-minded and productive way (this is NOT an ex-bashing platform or group)
  • Learn tips and strategies to help you manage emotions and move forward
  • Make friends and connect with like-minded people (this is NOT a group for meeting people to date)
  • Virtual and occasional in-person meetings

About the Facilitator:
Emmi Fortin is a Breakup & Relationship coach based just north of Boston, MA. Emmi helps women and men rebuild themselves after a breakup, divorce, or damaging relationship so they can feel confident, stress-free, and enjoy life as they move forward. Emmi works with clients in all stages of their relationship status in her life-changing coaching program WAKE UP from Your Breakup to facilitate inner transformation and powerful mindset shifts around how they approach life. Her clients express feeling a renewed sense of self, direction, and confidence during and after their work with her.

You can email Emmi at, or to see if coaching is the best fit for you, schedule a free Discovery Call with her directly by clicking here.

Extra Resources:
Emmi is a 2x International Best Selling and Award-Winning author of one (very) spicy memoir and 3 guided self-reinvention journals:

Journal: The Breakup & Divorce Self-Renewal Journal
Journal: The Dating & Relationship Self-Clarity Journal
Journal: Be Confident & Happy Self-Leadership Journal
Memoir: Who Is Your Red Dress? One Woman’s Quest to Break Up with a Love Addiction

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