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Simple and in-sync gatherings online or in presence. We breathe and/or practice cold immersions together to be healthier and happier. \

Breathing (&techniques) have been scientifically studied (e.g. Wim Hof Method or Tibetan gtum-mo, breathwork) to, among other benefits, warm up the body in cold environments, improve health & happiness, and overcome depression & anxiety. \

After a birth trauma and although with years of Vipassana meditation and as a yoga instructor still struggling with depression, I found breathing techniques in combination with mindfulness incredibly helpful to enjoy life all the time with gratitude. \

Especially Wim Hof's method with cold immersion has in a simple way enabled me to barely get sick and be in the NY winter in sandals and without jackets. Learning and practicing together is so much more fun! \

Last year, I helped facilitate Wim's first workshop in NY, and been guiding breathing sessions with hundreds of beings all ages and backgrounds the past years. \

Please check out the Vice documentary on Wim, and also this page on breath research: \

Looking flow-ward to breathe together!

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