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We fire up the outdoor brick oven at the Old Stone House and invite everyone to come bake and cook together! You're encouraged to show up with a dish (or dishes) to cook, or just hang out and enjoy a conversation around the fire.

Can't bake, don't have time, or have children? No problem! Every baking day starts with "Build Your Own Pizzas" at noon. We provide the dough and a variety of fresh toppings... you provide the fun! Come and assemble your own personal pizza, and we'll help you bake it in a 900-degree brick oven.

No need to be fancy -- grab a couple of apples or potatoes, or a bulb of garlic from the corner grocery and toss it in the fire. Everything tastes great when it's baked in a brick oven!

For answers to frequently asked questions, check out our FAQ (https://www.meetup.com/brickovenbrooklyn/about/)!

To learn about the Oven Rebuilding Project, the fundraiser, and brick oven construction workshops, check out the Oven Rebuilding Project FAQ (https://www.meetup.com/brickovenbrooklyn/pages/The_Oven_Rebuilding_Project_FAQ/)!

Brick Oven Brooklyn is part baking, part socializing, part historical education, and always fun.

In 2012, Jace and Yasmin Harker (the co-founders of Brick Oven Brooklyn) learned about the long history of communal brick ovens while on vacation in the Brittany region of France. In centuries past, it was too expensive for individuals to each have their own oven, so a village would have one large communal wood-fired oven. Several times a week, the oven would be fired and everyone from the community would gather at the oven to bake their bread.

We were inspired by the vision of bringing people together around a shared hearth, so when we returned to Brooklyn, we looked for a brick oven that hosted public events. The Old Stone House had a small but beautiful outdoor oven and invited us to use it, and that was the beginning of our monthly Open Community Baking Day!

In 2014 we started the Brick Oven Brooklyn meetup group to help coordinate and plan the oven days, and it's been taking off ever since! Now we're at nearly 400 members and growing. We recently launched Build Your Own Pizza days. If you love the idea of building community through cooking, come join us!

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Open Baking Day at the Old Stone House

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Open Baking Day at the Old Stone House

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OSH Community Baking Day to Support the 9-28 Tunnel to Tower Run

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Open Baking Day at the Old Stone House

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