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What we’re about

The GenZ FrenZ mission is to encourage 18-29-year-olds to stay abreast of key issues and provide grassroots opportunities to effect change in local politics. We do this through forums, rallies, fundraisers, meet and greets, municipal meetings, town halls, debates, voter registration drives, text and phone banks, and door-to-door canvassing (with a buddy of course).

GenZ is officially the LARGEST voting bloc of all generations to date. In the 2024 election there will be 8,000,000 NEW eligible GenZ voters compared to 2016 when Obama left office. 8,000,000 is also about the same number of votes Biden won over Trump in 2020 and we know how close that race was. Talk about the power to influence! GenZ is the most highly educated and diverse generation of all time and is also most impacted by the issues that our elected officials have been unable to resolve since before 9/11 (that's 2001 for those too young to remember) such as reproductive freedom, mental health care, economic opportunity, student loans, LGBTQ+ rights, social justice reform, common sense gun laws, women's equality (no we don't have that in the Constitution yet) E-T-C!

2024 is an CRITICAL election year and it's time for GenZ to rise up, get informed, and take a stand for what and who it believes is best for America's future. GenZ has the POWER to PROTECT OUR DEMOCRACY by helping elect competent local, state, and federal officials -- or better yet run for office yourself!

GenZ FrenZ is a space where your opinion matters, your voice is heard, and your VOTE counts! PLEASE JOIN US (with a friend even better) and STAY INFORMED!!!

FYI to get discounted and sometimes free admission to democratic events in Somerset County, you can join Club Blue for $35/mo. All money goes to supporting the Somerset County Democratic Committee and its local democratic candidates.
I'll be sure to note which events are covered by membership in Club Blue.
Here's the link to join.

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