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What we’re about

We are connecting the blockchain community in Brighton and Hove! We host regular events around crypto and web 3.0, ranging from casual discussions and meeting/networking, to talks from people in the industry. We are a diverse, friendly, and inclusive group of people from many different backgrounds and levels of knowledge/experience with blockchain, so come and join us!

We’ll talk about everything around cryptocurrencies (e.g. Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc), Web 3.0, DeFi, NFTs, DAOs, The Metaverse, Zero-knowledge tech, Layer 2s, and anything Blockchain!

The world of blockchain is so large that it’s easy to miss opportunities and key information, and most people only have a small field that they keep track of, so we like to share what’s going on and what we’re excited about! And the social aspect is usually missing, as most interactions are online only, which is why we’re passionate about getting away from the computer screen and building a community in real life, locally.

At Brighton Blockchain, you will:

  • Connect with other local crypto people
  • Have intellectually stimulating conversations
  • Learn about different areas/niches within blockchain
  • Be part of a community at the forefront of technology!

So whether you're a developer, entrepreneur, contributor, user, HODLer, BUIDLer, or you’ve just heard about crypto and want to learn more, come along to our next event as we discuss the future of blockchain, cryptocurrency, web3 and the world! And if you don't know much about crypto at all, come and let us brainwash you 😉

(Open to speakers - contact Milo on meetup / discord / twitter.)

Join our discord group, where we'll often hang out between meetups and chat about the latest blockchain things (and Brighton things)!

Find difficult? Follow us on twitter instead!

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