What we're about

8-3 Inside the push to diversify the book business (by the Daily)

8-1 A great youtube series on the future of humans on Earth and in Space

An interesting podcast episode on the realistic timeframe of humans exploring space. Maybe helpful for anyone writing hard sci fi!

7-26 Writing for yourself and not the market:

7-23 Great advice on writing goals!

7-12 An interesting article that could be helpful for anyone doing sci-fi writing!

7-11 Having trouble finishing a story? Me too! Here is some terrible (but funny)advice on finishing a story!



What we're about:

~If you are always writing and buzzing with creative energy, this group is for you! We are 100% beginner friendly so please join us no matter what your writing level is! We have been doing creative writing prompts, as well as writing critiques.~

We are mostly meeting on Wednesday/Thursday nights on Zoom, and in person on Sunday afternoons. (Schedule sometimes changes week to week)

~No limits on creative content, but use your best judgement on content. The group has all types of people, ~~Respect for everyone in every way is really important for me.~~

~~~~~~IMPORTANT: SAVE THIS LINK!!!! ----> www.bcwc-nextevent.com

The meetup website is great for some things, but it can be difficult to navigate and quickly find out about upcoming events!

Please sign up for group events here on this meetup page. However, if you quickly want to find out what the next event will be, just go to the above link! I will keep updating it with our upcoming events! ~~~~~~

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Nemesis Board Game on August 13th!

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