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RRNA November Meetup and Dinner-Discussion
Our November Meeting is intended to be mainly a social gathering of like minded naturalists and free thinkers over some fine Indian food. But we will also informally discuss the issue of whether science and the naturalist philosophy on which it is based has anything to say about "The Meaning of Life" or, better yet, 'How to find meaning in life." Join us for a fine meal, good company, and an informal dinner discussion about an issue that religion claims to be a major reason they differ from science and naturalism.

Lemon Cuisine of India

3215 West Broad Street · Richmond, VA

What we're about

RRNA is a social and discussion group serving people who hold naturalistic worldviews. Many secular humanists, atheists, freethinkers, skeptics, and Buddhists are naturalistic. The "brights" movement, from which this group grew, advocated a naturalistic worldview. "Naturalism," as we use it, comes from the field of philosophy. But one needn't be versed in philosophy to know one is a naturalist; many people live with a naturalistic assumption, but would not be familiar with the label. Simply put, naturalism asserts that nothing supernatural exists. Most naturalists would agree, for example, that everything is physical. And nearly all naturalists see science as the best guide to evaluating the characteristics of what there is.

We invite those who have, or are considering, naturalistic perspectives.

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