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How it all started........

12 years ago 6 people met in a friends lounge room. The purpose was purely to share information, ideas and experiences related to property investing so the whole group could benefit from the varying skill levels of those that were a part of it.

We now have over 4000 people who receive our newsletter, and are consistently getting about 120 people attending the Meetup every month.

We provide 3 or 4 speakers each meeting to share information with the attendees, one of which is someone from the group presenting their own 'Real Deal' so that everyone can see what people are doing in the current market to create wealth through property. You'll see photos, numbers, lessons learned, how they found the deal and a whole lot more!

We do not buy and sell real estate; the group is purely to share information and network with each other. We pride ourselves on not doing any hard sells on the night.

It's FREE to attend for all new members and there is an entry fee of $33 ($25 if paid online) for those that have attended previously (cash or card accepted at the door). This includes tea and coffee, some property related prizes and attendance for the whole night.

This meetup group is associated with www.UltimatePropertyHub.com (http://www.ultimateropertyhub.com) The recordings of our meetup events are uploaded to the Ultimate Property Hub membership site for paying members to view if they cannot attend the meetup.

There are also other free and paid property investing resources found at www.PropertyResourceShop.com (https://www.propertyresourceshop.com/) site which are promoted through to that community. You will receive one of those free resources via a download link in the welcome email once you join this meetup group, however no further promotion of the Property Resource Shop will be emailed to members of this meetup group.

If you are new to property investing or have been investing all your life, whether it be residential or commercial, I am positive you will benefit from attending one of our meetings.

The meetup is held at Broncos Leagues Club in Red Hill and provides a comfortable, safe environment for all to enjoy. There is free parking and a restaurant and bar to meetup before and after the event.

If you want to join the party just fill in your details on the right and click "Join Us" and you will have all the details to our next meeting. Or click this link (https://propertyresourceshop.leadpages.co/rsvp-bpg-16/) to watch a short video showing you how to join and RSVP.

Check out what others are saying about the Brisbane Property Networking Group by clicking this link (http://bit.ly/BPG-reviews).

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Brisbane Property Networking Group - FIRST TIME ATTENDING IT'S FREE

Darcy Mitchell Room at Broncos Leagues Club

WELCOME to the March Brisbane Property Networking Group meeting!

There is no other networking group like this one, with Queensland's best property minds all in one room to provide the best resources for you to achieve massive results.

Is this your first time attending? Entry is FREE! Just click the red ‘Attend’ button on the bottom right of this page.

Returning member? Click below for discounted entry: http://bit.ly/BPGdiscount

Here's 5 awesome reasons you need to join us in the room on the night:

• You'll walk away with real strategies, insights and resources that you can implement immediately.

• Unlike other seminars, you won't be pitched to on the night. That's right, no hidden agendas, no shenanigans and definitely no sell-fests! We pride ourselves on being a genuine property networking group

• The keywords we hear time and again from attendees are 'genuine' and 'integrity'. These are rare commodities, especially in property and you'll get them by the bucketload at this event.

• Whether you are just starting out, have done a few property deals or a full-time investor... you'll walk away with value. It might be in the quality, content-rich presentations or maybe you'll find your next Joint Venture partner - either way, you'll be glad you came

• The Real Deals. These are case studies that attendees flock to see each month. We call them Real Deals because they ARE just that. Everyday property investors on their first, second and sometimes third project, having a good honest crack while still holding down a full-time job. It could be a quick renovation, subdivision or a small development. You'll see profit & loss numbers, before and after photos, embarrassing mistakes and above all, lessons learned

What's in store this month?

1) Justin Watt - Watt Realty (https://www.wattrealty.com.au/)

If you want to know what to expect in Real Estate in the 2021 market, Justin is the man that should be answering your questions! Justin and the team at Watt Realty have an exceptional read on the Brisbane property market. Come along to find out more.

2) Real Deal - John and Jean are a dynamic father-daughter duo with a ripper of a story to tell! This 6 into 4 subdivision presented all sorts of challenges, including termites, flooding, habitat trees, easements and stormwater! But this family carved some innovative and creative solutions out of the quagmire and share the warts and all journey that took them to ultimate success.

3) Jason Favier from ONF Surveyors (https://onfsurveyors.com.au/about/)

Jason talks about the "Give or Take Nature of Survey Plans" this month, and shares with us some real-life examples of what's happening in real-time and on the ground. There will be plenty of time for questions in this one.

4) Dave Weston from DRW Consulting (http://www.drwconsulting.com.au/)

DRW are great at designing to the needs of the project in order to ensure the best solution for your deal. This month Dave shares some insight and hot tips on 'How to Find the Best Subdivision'.... and which ones to AVOID like the plague!

Some cracking tips include
- how to find the easy sites
- which council is best for small subdivisions (from an engineering perspective)
- how to work well with your consultants and
- learning the art of subdividing to maximise your profits.

First time attending? Entry is FREE! Just click the red ‘Attend’ button on the bottom right of this page.

Returning member? It’s $25 entry fee if you click here http://bit.ly/BPGdiscount or $33 at the door.

Here's a short video on how to RSVP: http://bit.ly/BPGHowToRSVP

What if I want to come to every meeting, what can you do for me?

Check out the new UPH Membership here: https://www.ultimatepropertyhub.com/meetup

See you there!


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Brisbane Property Networking Group - FIRST TIME ATTENDING IT'S FREE

Darcy Mitchell Room at Broncos Leagues Club

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