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What we’re about

This is a film club where we watch films to see what interesting stuff we can find going on under the surface and then meet up to hang out and share our ideas.
We want to hear your thoughts on the meaning of plot points, themes you see in the film, any interesting / weird details and of course your crazy theories. For examples, think the sort of thing you might find on youTube channels like The Take, ScreenPrism, or Wisecrack.
Any film can be good for reading stuff into so we'll watch anything from high brow and arty to disposable and trashy. We might not always agree on what constitutes interesting (not everyone is going to be into your Marxist analysis of the Shaun the Sheep Movie) but we encourage building on peoples crazy ideas anyway to give everyone the green light to share their hot takes, interpretations and theories.
Occasionally we may do screenings or cinema trips but our typical 'Film Club' sessions involve us all watching our chosen film at home and then meeting up to share our opinions and ideas about it.
If that sounds interesting to you, Join up to come along.

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