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What we’re about

Fancy wild swimming on sunny days? Looking for people who want to get together by a river, lake or sea to go wild swimming, jumping in, picnics and gentle lazy days. Generally afternoons on sat and sunday, or week days after work. Generally arranged the day or so before when its sunny... examples are claverton weir, the avon and rivers around bristol, bath, the wye and the waterfalls of south wales...join us and suggest where we should go next

Please do remember you are swimming entirely at your own risk 

People arranging wild swims are simply getting everybody together. You are entirely responsible for your own safety. Always


Same rules of personal safety apply as in the rest of life 

DONT assume the water is safe to jump in - just because it was last week or year. A tree or bush may have been swept into the area underwater. Always swim the area and check fully the depth before jumping in. Every time.

Each time you swim please do ask someone with local knowledge who can advise you of any currents or dangers. and know how you are getting out before you get in!

If you go with a group DO ASK someone with more experience of cold outdoor swimming ...and do remember to bring warm clothes and hot sugary tea and food to keep you toasty.

It takes many swims to get used to the cold. Get out before you feel chilled. Don't worry if others are still happily swimming around.