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Peoples museum Manchester. Free Entry !!!!!!!!!!!
Manchester Peoples Museum Is a museum showing the struggles of the working class people of the Manchester and the North West .Telling the History of the Peterloo Massacre The Suffragette . The works of Thomas Paine ,The Trade union movements as well as many other things This Museum is a very interesting place to visit and is a great place to come to, if you have not been on a Group meet up before, The nearest Tram and Train station is Deansgate about a 10 mins walk away The Museum is free to entry Hope you can make it Andrew ps if you don't know who Thomas Paine was , I highly suggest you read his works , Those on the left don't like him , those on the right don't like him That's why his work is never taught in school , The Almost forgotten man of History His books are Highly recommended

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Do you love history !!!! Visiting historical places , having a chat about the places you have seen and history in general ? No one to shares your interests with ? well join us, This group is all about meeting new friends and sharing your thoughts with other members .visiting interesting historical sites and museums all over the uk ,the group covers uk history from the beakers up to 20th century . so join us and share your love of history with us all . were a friendly easy going group of people who share an interest in uk history, the group is open to anyone and everyone ,no need to be an expert on history you just need to be interested in the group events , so come on and join im sure you will have a great time . Some of the places we visit are not suitable for wheelchairs and people with walking difficulties ,please check the places we plan to visit to see if they are suitable for you to visit thank you , Andrew

Please note, when you join this group, none of the organisers of the group are responsible for any losses or damages you incur ,you are responsible for all your own travel arrangements , costs and your own safety at all times . Please note there is a yearly membership fee of £2 this covers costs, any extra money goes to charity . All fees last until 31 dec of each year and renewed from 1st jan each year . Please give me the £2 fee when you come to your first meet up thanks.

If you wish to join please add a recent photo of yourself ,this will make it easier to find you when you come to a meet up Thanks


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