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What we’re about

This is a group for board gaming nights in Brooklyn. All board gamers are welcome - whether you're new to the hobby or an experienced heavy gamer. All sorts of games will be played from gateway games like Carcassonne to heavyweight games like Oath. We hold weekly board gaming nights on Thursday, Friday and Sunday nights at Squarrel Cafe on Atlantic Avenue and 4th avenue.

Join us on our discord, where we plan gaming in advance:

Group Policies:
*Event RSVPs*
• RSVPs open one week before each event - 6pm Thursday for the next Thursday, and 4pm Sunday for the next Sunday. RSVPs close three hours before each event's start time.
• If you are a regular attendee on an event's waitlist, post in our discord's #waitlisted channel to have your RSVP status changed. Please provide the name you use on meetup when doing this. 
• If you would like to bring a guest, they will require a separate RSVP to the meetup event. You can also post in our discord's #thursdays, #fridays, or #sundays channels (as appropriate) to let us know, but priority will always be given to event RSVPs.

*Cancellations and No-Shows*
• If you are no longer able to attend, that's no problem! Please try your best to change your RSVP status as soon as possible. 
• Cancellation less than three hours before the event's start time will be considered a no-show. Life happens. If you must cancel within three hours of an event's start, please let us know via meetup or in our discord.
• Previous no-shows may have their RSVPs changed to "not going" if an event has a high RSVP count. 
• Three no-shows will result in removal from the meetup group.

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