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What we’re about

MEETING NEW SINGLE FRIENDS, with DANCE PARTIES, THEME PARTIES, NIGHT CLUBS, LOUNGES, SOCIAL GET TOGETHERS, BOWLING NIGHTS, AND MORE !     *******************************************************************
You don't have to go out alone anymore. Join our group of friends and come party with us.
Come meet other Professional Singles (30's - 50's) near you, that share the same interests! Attend our Singles events to dance, socialize, have some fun, and make great new friendships along the way.
We are the "ORIGINAL" Singles Social Meetup Group of South Florida (since 2006), and we always hold the BIGGEST and BEST events. Usually around 150+ Singles show up at each event. Some of our events are even larger! Sometimes we get over 300 people attending our special theme party nights. No other Singles group can come close to providing the opportunity to make new friendships. Unlike other Meetup Groups, our Singles events are for SINGLES ONLY, and the ages for each event is clearly specified. We also show pictures of past events with OUR OWN members, not just telling you that we're big, but also showing you. Others don't, and CAN'T provide that.
*** If you are tired of the same old "Kids" party scene "every night (or every weekend) - same old place - same people" scene, held by a nightclub promoter that started a Meetup group, it's time to join a more professional group of friends, serious about meeting and socializing with other singles. Try us out, you'll be glad you did. ***
Today's way of living makes it difficult for Professional Singles to expand their social circles and meet others. We offer a convenient, non-threatening way to connect with other people who share similar interests and live nearby. Our events are basically social get-togethers where everyone attending is a Professional Single. If you meet someone and make a connection, great, if not, you came out and had a fun time, socialized, and made some new friends.
We are NOT a matchmaker service, speed dating group, dating clinic, or date coaches. We provide group social gatherings, where everyone is single. 
Our group has a "0 tolerance" for aggressive and/or abusive behavior. Please be respectful of others.
If you are in your late 40's Plus, we offer the same type of group, but with different name, and hold different events. Please join the group - Destiny "Mature Singles" Connection Meetup - HTTP://
We also have a group called - Happy Hours Socials - for Couples, Singles, Young and Older. Please check it out and join the group to attend even more great events.
Our group has a "0 tolerance" for aggressive and/or abusive behavior. Please be respectful of others.
We have 6 groups, all groups combined, we're OVER 22,000 members strong. There are many many want-to-be's out there, they start every day, but with all our groups you can always be assured of a GREAT Event, not just the same 10-20 people! Our usual turnout for any event is 150 + (take a look at our photo section, we're very proud to have so many great members, all having fun!) So where else would you want to go to meet other Singles ?
We don't try to find a party like the other groups do, WE MAKE THE PARTY ! 

We're the original South Florida Singles Meetup Group, and we set the bar for new and exciting events. Always in search of new venues. As a very large group, we get better deals than anyone just walking in off the street. Some other groups don't bother to do that.
Some groups try to be us... They actually think that they can be us better than we can be us. They mirror almost everything we do and then call themselves the best around. It's very flattering that they copy us, but it also shows who the best really is. We are leaders, not followers, that's why we are - and always will be #1 in South Florida!
Join our friendly group and start having fun!
You must have a picture of yourself in your profile to join. All profile questions MUST be answered. Your profile must be real and not be anything other than a single person wishing to meet other singles. No other Singles Group Organizers, Singles Coaches, and the like, are permitted to join. No Spamming or promoting any other events, politics, religion, or causes are allowed. You will be removed, reported, and banned.
We also reserve the right to refuse membership to other Meetup Organizers, Event Organizers, Assistant Organizers, and the like, as we see fit. We don't have anything against other groups, in fact we've done many, many joint events with other groups in the past. We just don't like when some of them join our groups just to copy our events and ideas or come to our events just to solicit our members to join their group.