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A place for AI and Machine Learning boffins and get together and discuss how we're using Deep Learning, Natural Language Processing, AI Planning, Clustering, Reinforcement Learning etc to change the way our companies do business, invent new products, enhance existing ones or just make things work better.

If you're using AI / ML at work, are studying it at Uni or online, or have read (or written!) an interesting paper recently, come along and tell us about it!

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brum.ai: March 2020

Aston University Lecture Theatre MB419

Ladies and gents, boffins of distinction, good afternoon! This month, we have a couple of great talks lined up and our usual group & panel discussion! *** Just getting this in the calendar while I firm up speakers *** *** there will be a change of venue for this month due to the strike *** See you there! Also, a few of us will be heading out for a cheeky pint afterward if you'd like to join in? ------- Thanks to Wealth Wizards and move thirty-seven for providing the refreshments! Thanks to Google Developers for the support! Thanks a lot to Sli.do for supporting our meetup by letting us use their awesome audience engagement tool for free! :) https://www.sli.do/ Wealth Wizards: The UK's leading RoboAdviser. Helping people get control of their finances through the application of AI, Algorithms and regulated financial planning move thirty-seven: A new AI consultancy helping SMEs get started using AI to revolutionise the way things are done.

FastAI study group - Round TWO!

Alpha Works

We're running an AI study group for beginners for seven weeks from the 12th March 2020. This is a re-run of the study group we ran in September. **** This is not a course, but a study group **** Each week we will study a module of the excellent (and free) Fast.ai online course and then get together at the end of each week to collaborate, help each other out and discuss what we're learning. The course is available here: https://course.fast.ai/ (Part one is the part we'll be doing over seven weeks) We've put a video together which describes what the study group will do and what the schedule is etc https://youtu.be/8HkqfO6bcGI Here are the highlights * The schedule is roughly 10 hours a week for seven weeks * If you can keep up with the course, you'll be a deep learning practitioner by the end :) * We're studying it offline, ourselves and meeting up once a week to discuss what we've learned. * This means there's WORK TO DO BEFORE WE MEET FOR THE FIRST TIME * Start now :) * You got this! Go get 'em tiger! If you're planning on participating, please join the slack group: https://join.slack.com/t/brumai/shared_invite/enQtNjQxMjc4NTkxNjg3LWNiMjg4MjgzYjg2ZmEzNmQ1ODQxOTlhOGI1ZDg2ODM2NTI4NDVlY2U3OTFhOTU5MGMyOGE4MzVmZGFmYTA2M2M I've set up a channel on slack specifically for this study group. #fastAI The study group will be free, and we'll be meeting somewhere in Brum (possibly AlphaWorks, they've been very kind in the past) for a couple of hours a week for each of the seven weeks. We may nip out for beers afterward depending on numbers, but unlike our regular BrumAI events, these won't be catered. There are *some* pre-requisites for the fast.ai course, check 'em out here: https://course.fast.ai/. But essentially if you're some kind of coder, and can get some fluency in Python between now and March, you'll be fine, as this is quite a practical course that doesn't require much maths. Cheers!

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Automatic Speech Recognition

Aston University Lecture Theatre MB419

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