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BrumAI - Birmingham Artificial Intelligence Meetup
BrumAI - Birmingham Artificial Intelligence Meetup
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Aston University Lecture Theatre MB419

Aston University Main Building · Birmingham

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MB419 is on the 4th floor of the main building (the huge brick building opposite the business school). Find the Main Entrance, which is behind some fountains You need to take the red lift to the 4th floor. ***Don't take the blue lift!****

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Ladies and gents, boffins of distinction, good afternoon!
This month, we have a couple of great talks lined up and our usual group & panel discussion!

Talk 1: Dr Phil Weber - Automatic Speech Recognition: where AI meets Human Intelligence

We will take a whistle-stop tour of both human speech and the state of the art in Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR). Taking a look at some alternative approaches which apply knowledge of how human speech works, to be smarter about ASR, we will go on to look inside current mainstream models to interpret what they are learning, and ask what these systems can tell us about how human and artificial intelligence should learn from each other.

Bio: Phil Weber spent several years working on Automatic Speech Recognition at the University of Birmingham (UoB), before joining the Think Beyond Data programme at Aston, delivering AI consultancy to SMEs in the West Midlands. He “grew up” in systems analysis, design, integration, and administration in industry, focussing on providing and protecting data and information. He holds a PhD in business process mining and machine learning from UoB. He is now a member of the Centre for Forensic Data Science, including the Forensic Speech Science Laboratory, at Aston University.

Talk2: Dr Felix Hovsepian - AI & FinTech
Many are aware that various computational techniques are currently in use within the financial sector. During this talk, I will mention a couple of these techniques, one of which I believe will be new for those who do not work within the FinTech sector.

Bio: Dr. Felix Hovsepian is the CEO and Founder of Blue Manifold, a company that specializes in emerging technologies – Nature-inspired models of Computation & Complex Adaptive Systems in particular.

He began his career as a management consultant, returning to academia for graduate education, research and decade as a Professor of Informatics. He returned the commercial sector in 1992, rising through the ranks to become a CTO in 2000. Recently, he co-authored a book entitled, “The 4th Industrial Revolution: Responding to the Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Business”

See you there!

Also, a few of us will be heading out for a cheeky pint afterward if you'd like to join in?

Thanks to Wealth Wizards and move thirty-seven for providing the refreshments!

Thanks to Google Developers for the support!

Thanks a lot to for supporting our meetup by letting us use their awesome audience engagement tool for free! :)

Wealth Wizards: The UK's leading RoboAdviser. Helping people get control of their finances through the application of AI, Algorithms and regulated financial planning

move thirty-seven: A new AI consultancy helping SMEs get started using AI to revolutionise the way things are done.