What we're about

A group for the walking & outdoor enthousiasts in Brussels. Is it necessary to say more? Actually yes.


The main focus will be mostly given on one-day walks in Belgium. We will mostly follow GR-trails or other walking events that can be reached by public transportation. The trails are selected to show the best of the region they cross (nature, but also national heritage), while avoiding mass tourism areas.

RSVP'ing and no-shows

If you RSVP'd yes for a hike but cannot join please warn at least two day in advance. Persons who don't come or who RSVP'd yes, but change their mind at last minute will be put on the waiting list for the next activities. People who also join several activities and are on the main list of one will also be moved to the end of the waiting list.


Please note that activities are not automatically cancelled because of the weather, but they may be adapted. Some people do enjoy walking in forests during rain, really. You are asked to change your status if you don't want to join because of the weather. If there are not enough participants, the activity will be then cancelled/postponed.


The Brussels Hiking Group is not meant to be a hiking club but to allow experienced hikers to announce their willingness to do a given hike, find people to go along with and have a nice day. You are not supposed to be an expert, but to know your limits and choose to participate or not to an activity accordingly. You have also to make sure that you are covered by an insurance policy that covers hiking before taking part to an activity, and you also know the risks inherent to hiking. The Brussels Hiking Group is also a platform to allow interested people to propose their own activities, on their personal initiative. The Brussels Hiking Group acts only in that case as an intermediary and its organisers could not be held responsible in case of accident.

Upcoming events (1)

Relaxed winterhike Flemish Ardennes – Ninove loop (16 km)


●●Important disclaimer (please read)
Because of the Covid 19 pandemic we have to follow the current Covid restrictions (see online for more info) during our walk. A Covid Safe Ticket will be needed if you want to join us for the warming up stop in the middle of the hike (Pub The Casino)

As last week’s “Baby Hike” as baptized by Flo was a real succes and my Physiotherapist actually doesn’t allow me yet to go for big hikes, I decided to organise another one this Saturday.

The weather on Saturday will be cold (3-7°C), but without rain.

For this hike we will walk in the "Flemish Ardennes" and pass by some nice buildings.
Somewhere in the middle of the hike we will make a stop over in a pub (still negotiating to find one for 25 pers) to warm up and take a break.

Please don't forget to pay Maikel a beer :-)

During this hike we will mostly walk trough fields and small villages. We will walk both on paved and unpaved roads. I have never walked this road before. Be prepared for possible mistakes in the planning.

●●You can find the GPX track here:
(Please download this file in case you get lost or can’t follow the group !!)
will be posted soon

●●Meeting point:
We meet at 11:00 in front of Starbucks in Brussels Central. The train (S3 2282 - Zottegem) leaves from platform 4 at 11:19. We arrive in Denderleeuw at 11:41 where we have to change for the train (S61561– Halle-Schaerbeek) at 11:56 who leaves from platform 9. We arrive at our destination Ninove at 12:05 and start our hike.

●● Train tickets:
The cheapest way to travel is to use the weekend-ticket to Ninove (7,00 € for both ways)

●● Trains back to Brussels:
There is a train every hour from Ninove to Brussels at XX:55 from rail 2 (S61588 - Denderleeuw) who arrives in Denderleeuw at X1:04 where you have to change fort he train (S3 2267 – Schaerbeek) who leaves from platform 4 at X1:19.


●● Specifics:
Distance: ~ 17 km
Elevation gain: ~ 114 m
Net walking time: ~ 3h30
Level: open for everyone

In the unlikely case of too bad weather, we may cancel a hike, even few hours before the event. If this must happen, we will of course update the Meetup website and send out an email to those registered. So, it is important to have access to either the Meetup.com website and/or your emails.

●● What to bring:
- a corona mouth mask for the public transport
- your corona safe ticket for the pancake break
- warm comfortable hiking clothes
- water and some snacks for the breaks
- a (head)lamp for when it gets dark in the evening
- some money to pay Maikel a beer ;-)

●● Basic rules:
Please RSVP only if you really intend to come. And if your plans change, update your RSVP latest 1 day before the hike, so other people still have the possibility to join. . This is basic courtesy towards others. People who cancel at the last minute or don’t show up for the hike will be blacklisted for future hikes. Do not show up for a hike unless you are on the roster (i.e. Yes RSVP, but not Wait Listed).

●● Acknowledgement of member responsibility and release of liability:
By signing up for this event, you agree to release the organizers from any responsibility and liability in all claims. As the participation is strictly voluntary and you freely choose to join, it is the responsibility of individuals participating to ensure that they are fit enough and have adequate coverage to protect themselves.

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