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Sunday Night Badminton
Announcement: Please check your attendance with a host at the HQ table prior to playing on the courts. RSVP closes on Sunday at 6PM. If you DO NOT RSVP, we cannot guarantee your play time during our prime hours 7-10pm, and an extra $1 charge for playing prime time. After 10pm any non-rsvp members are allowed to play. Thank you, -BubbleTea: Badminton Admin -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This is the MOST FUN and SOCIAL badminton night in town, so bring your friends along! Please RSVP a few days early so we can get a good number of courts and reduce wait times Due to this event becoming very busy until 10pm recently, we've set a cap of 70 people. If you decide to come AFTER 10pm, you DON'T need to sign up If you RSVP, make sure you come. We are now booting no-shows from the BBT group because it's inconsiderate to those that wanted to sign up and to the owner of Badminton Vancouver. If you are booted from the BBT group, you will no longer be attending any other events with our group If your plans change, or if one of your +1/2/3's change their mind, change your RSVP ASAP. To prevent trouble for yourself, you are HIGHLY encouraged to tell your friends to sign up and RSVP for themselves Where/When/How much? Badminton Vancouver! Sunday night from 6pm to 12am! $4.50 per person! Come/leave any time in between! What to do when you arrive: 1. Pay $4.50 at the front desk and let them know you're part of the BBT Vancouver Meetup. They will direct you to the back where there's a table and bleachers 2. The table is the HQ and has some birdies and the sign-up sheets. Sign in with the event host (so we know you're part of our group and don't kick you off our courts) and ask which courts our group has 3. If it's your first time, feel free to introduce yourself to an event host sitting at HQ. Friendly reminders: • Respect the court area. DO NOT walk into other courts (white lines) when going to/from your own court. It is dangerous and people can get injured • When it's your turn on court, please remember that others are waiting to play too. Warm up for a few minutes and start a game. Don't hold up the courts! • If you are already playing on a court, your name should NOT be signed up for another court. In other words, DO NOT sign up twice. Be fair to everyone else and sign up only after you finish playing. The event hosts will be enforcing this rule and violators may be banned FAQ: Q: "What do I need to bring?" A: Non-marking court shoes, your gear, water (there are no water fountains), a towel to dry off if needed, and maybe a snack if you'll get hungry. You can rent a racquet from the front desk for $6.00 if you don't have one. Some used plastic shuttles will be provided. If you care about using the best quality birdies, bring your own! Q: "What's the skill level like?" A: We have a wide range of skill levels. Beginners are welcome. Come join us and meet a friend or two along the way! Q: "How do I get there by public transit? Google maps isn't giving me any directions for some reason!" A: Get directions to this bus stop instead: then simply walk down the ramp to the building that says Badminton Vancouver

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Welcome to Bubble Tea Vancouver group!!

Thank you for making this one of the most active Social Meetup group in Vancouver!
If you like bubble tea and meetups, then come join us!

This group has grown from just visiting different bubble tea places to doing any activities with bubble tea!
So you will see many different activities that we do: golfing, archery, hiking, eating out, etc. But all these activities will bring us back to a bubble tea, somehow!

Who should join:
If you like bubble tea or simply just hanging out with interesting people, or if you are new to Vancouver, this will be a good way to meet people.

We see ourselves more of a community, and not a typical meetup group.

Our rules:
We reserve the right to remove our members if they fail to show up to a fully booked event. Please be considerate when you RSVP. If you really have to cancel then please provide at least 48 hours notice.

Any suggestions ideas are welcome!

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