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A functional programming group for those living and working in Bucharest.

We gather monthly, watch someone talk about something they're passionate about and then continue the discussion in a pub.

Online discussions happen at: https://discuss.bucharestfp.ro .

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Bucharest FP #46 — Haskell Book Study Group 07

Facultatea de Matematică și Informatică - Universitatea din București

Hello again! This meetup will still be on Monday at the University, in the same room as last time: room 215 (second floor, on the left, after the Google room). Please remember to read up and do all the exercises in the next two chapters: 12 and 13! It is increasingly important to DO ALL THE EXERCISES. Please let me know if you get stuck on anything. Please join slack on #bucharest and feel free to ask questions either there or on #haskell-beginners (get an invite at https://fpchat-invite.herokuapp.com/ ) This meetup is for self-motivated people that will: - purchase the book - read the agreed-upon chapters in advance - write all the code and try it out for themselves - attempt to do all of the exercises - participate in the group by asking questions and offering solutions This meetup series will not: - teach you Haskell; that's your responsibility - show what Haskell is good for or otherwise convince you of any advantages or disadvantages that Haskell, FP, etc. might have; we are here to learn, not to wage language wars - go out of topic for the current chapters (don't ask what a Monad is when we're talking about recursion) Attending check list: - RSVP to this event - purchase the book ( http://haskellbook.com/ ) - read and completed all exercises in chapters 1-13 - join FP Slack (get an invite at https://fpchat-invite.herokuapp.com/ and join the #bucharest channel) - install Stack ( https://docs.haskellstack.org/en/stable/README/ ) and make sure it works ( https://github.com/bucharestfp/haskell-study-startup/blob/master/resources/haskell-stack-notes.md ) -- feel free to ask on Slack if you get stuck

Bucharest FP #49 — Rust and Functional Programming in Practice

Hi, everyone! Last time we had a meetup focused on Rust, four years ago, the language was quite experimental and few ventured to use it for real-world projects. Times have changed, though. In the next presentation meetup, Alex Macovei will show us how he employs Rust at his day job. # Alex Macovei — Rust and Functional Programming in Practice ## ABSTRACT Rust is a fairly new language, with a focus on systems programming, and also a solid functional lineage. It enables writing zero overhead, high performance, but also safe and high level functional code, all at the same time. In this talk we will be looking at some of the more unique features of Rust, as well as demoing some examples of the power of using a functional approach in the systems programming space. ## BIOGRAPHY Alex has been doing C++ for several years, but slowly switched to Rust and more functional approaches. He has a few things to share about Rust, which he has used for multiple things, from low level networking protocols to open source applications. # Call for Talks If you had an A-HA moment, small or big, while using a functional language or approach to solve a problem dear to your heart and you would also be willing to share your experiences with the group, please send me or Vlad a private message on Meetup and maybe we can schedule a meetup. If you're anxious about speaking to an unknown public audience, we're willing to restrict the number of participants to a number you're comfortable with ;) Not joking! PS: Meanwhile, don't forget about our ongoing Haskell Book Study Group!

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Bucharest FP #45 — Haskell Book Study Group 06

Facultatea de Matematică și Informatică - Universitatea din București

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