Bucharest FP #39 — Haskell Book Study Group 01

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39-41 Nicolae Filipescu · Bucharest

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Use the side entrance on Vasile Conta where it says TechHub.

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I am happy to announce the first "Haskell Book Study Group" meetup! We will meet on a regular basis (weekly or once every other week) and go through a chapter or two of Haskell programming From First Principles. The book assumes no prior programming knowledge.

This meetup is for self-motivated people that will:
- purchase the book
- read the agreed-upon chapters in advance
- write all the code and try it out for themselves
- attempt to do all of the exercises
- participate in the group by asking questions and offering solutions

Participants are also encouraged to gather in smaller groups between meetups to discuss their solutions, so we can focus on the trickiest parts when we all meet.

This meetup series will not:
- teach you Haskell; that's your responsibility
- show what Haskell is good for or otherwise convince you of any advantages or disadvantages that Haskell, FP, etc. might have; we are here to learn, not to wage language wars
- go out of topic for the current chapters (don't ask what a Monad is when we're talking about recursion)

Specifically, for this first meetup, I kindly ask everyone who plans to attend to:
- RSVP to this event
- purchase the book ( http://haskellbook.com/ )
- read through the first chapter (Lambda Calculus)
- join FP Slack (get an invite at https://fpchat-invite.herokuapp.com/ and join the #bucharest channel)
- install Stack ( https://docs.haskellstack.org/en/stable/README/ ) and make sure it works ( https://github.com/bucharestfp/haskell-study-startup/blob/master/resources/haskell-stack-notes.md ) -- feel free to ask on Slack if you get stuck