Bucharest FP #59: A Simple HTTP Server in Haskell

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Hello everyone! I'm excited to announce that our next event will be in collaboration with the awesome folks at Security Espresso.

IMPORTANT: You will have to grab tickets at https://security-espresso-0x1d.eventbrite.com in order to attend to the event.

## Vladimir Ciobanu — Implementing a basic HTTP Web Server

We'll be implementing a basic HTTP server in order to showcase common security issues and how to overcome them in an FP fashion. The presentation will mostly be live coding. The audience will be able to pen-test the server, and we will look into fixing the problems.

Some familiarity with the Haskell syntax is assumed. It would also be helpful to skim through the `conduit` tutorial (https://github.com/snoyberg/conduit#readme).

Part 1: Implementing a (very) basic HTTP server
Break: While taking a break, we'll allow people who are interested to try to pen-test the server live
Part 2: Briefly reviewing pen-test results and trying to fix some of them

Vladimir Ciobanu has more than 10 years experience developing complex web applications. Recently, his main areas of interest are pure functional languages, type theory, and formal verification. You can find him on Twitter (https://twitter.com/cvlad) or GitHub (https://github.com/vladciobanu).