What we're about

The Budapest JavaScript Meetup (BudapestJS) is a local community of JavaScript developers and enquirers living in or visiting Budapest. The language of the meetup group and its events is English.

We're focusing on all things JavaScript and related —both server and client side technologies. If you are interested in DOM scripting, you already wrote a bunch of plugins for jQuery or installed a module for node.js, interested in large scale application development, join us, and feel free to bring your talk as well.

Who should join the meetup?

Software engineers, developers, testers who work with JavaScript based software

Product managers, project managers who work with applications written in JavaScript

Everyone who's interested in learning about all the things you can do with JavaScript

Code of Conduct

We stand for a welcoming community

At our meetups we encourage respectful smart conversations that help improvement and inspire innovation. Sexism, racism, and being an asshole in general is not appreciated. If you do so, get prepared to be challenged by meetup members, who will probably ask what's wrong with you.

GDPR compliance
By signing up or attending a meetup event you consent that pictures might be taken of you and uploaded to the BudapestJS meetup page, the social media pages of BudapestJS and the social media pages of the event host.
In case of questions or requests please reach out to the organizers.

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[ONLINE] BudapestJS 2020 August

Online event

BudapestJS meetup is back after a short summer break and we are still doing online only meetups. We have a 2 great talks and a bunch of other goodies line up for you! See you at the meetup! ------------------------------------------------------ SCHEDULE - 18:15-18:20: BudapestJS intro - 18:20-18:50: Building a JAMStack website with Angular+Scully - 18:55-19:25: Rapid and type-safe Node.js development with Prisma - 19:25-...: Q&A, chat, ... 🎊 Wallaby.js and JetBrains license raffle 🎊 ------------------------------------------------------ 📣 Ivan Soroka (Javascript Developer @ Supercharge) LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ivan-soroka/ 💬 BUILDING A JAMSTACK WEBSITE WITH ANGULAR+SCULLY In the talk I would like to present a sushi ordering website built from scratch using Angular and Scully (a cutting edge new JAMStack framework made for Angular). While Scully is still in alpha at the time of writing this abstract, I am already excited to share my experiences of working with and what it has to offer so far. I would also cover what it took me to create such a setup in a bigger picture and why such decisions were made. ------------------------------------------------------ 📣 Daniel Norman (Developer Advocate @ Prisma) Twitter: https://twitter.com/daniel2color LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/danorman/ Daniel is a software engineer with broad experience across modern web and cloud environments. He's passionate about open source and modern development tooling and likes bringing ideas from different disciplines to software development. These days, Daniel is a developer advocate at Prisma, focusing on modern database tooling for Node.js and Typescript. Outside the software world, Daniel is interested in woodworking and motorcycling. 💬 RAPID AND TYPE-SAFE NODE.JS DEVELOPMENT WITH PRISMA For developers that embrace rapid development, working with relational databases comes with a lot of challenges. But it’s possible to optimize for developer experience without compromising on reliability with Prisma – an open-source end-to-end type-safe database toolkit for TypeScript and Node.js. In this workshop, we’ll introduce Prisma and learn how it enables rapid and type-safe development while addressing common problems in data-centric applications. ------------------------------------------------------ This event is possible, thanks to our sponsors: - Prisma - Supercharge - GoodGrind - JetBrains - Wallaby.js ------------------------------------------------------ GDPR: By signing up or attending the meetup event you consent that pictures might be taken of you and uploaded to the meetup page or the social media pages of BudapestJS and the event host. In case of questions or requests please reach out to the organizers. ------------------------------------------------------ Find us on: - YouTube (https://www.youtube.com/c/BudapestJS) - Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/budapestjs/) - Twitter (https://twitter.com/budapestjs) - Slack (https://bit.ly/3aqg3Q0)

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[ONLINE] BudapestJS 2020 May

Online event

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