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Budapest meets Vienna
Our friends from the Vienna Data Science Group and from Viennese Data Science companies are coming over for an evening. They are giving us a brief overview of what's going on in Vienna and we will take this time to investigate cooperation possibilities between the two cities. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 1. What's going on regarding Data Science in Vienna? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Vienna is normally perceived like a conservative city, nonetheless, there is a very active and interesting community focus on Data Science. During this talk, we would explain the Data ecosystem in Vienna and opportunities for collaboration between Budapest and Vienna. Wolfgang Weidinger (Wulf), Chairman VDSG and Data Scientist freelance Wulf: Data Science and Agile enthusiast, Entre-/Intrapreneur and avid climber. Maria Ines Plaza (Mari) VDSG Collaborations coordinator. Mari is a professional with strong background in Business that loves data. She enjoys innovating in processes and business models through an effective use of the data. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 2. Machine Learning and Medical Imaging in the Era of Precision Medicine ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ The talk will discuss the current state of machine learning in the context of clinical decision support and research. It will give examples highlighting challenges and possible roles of the interlinked advance in medical imaging and machine learning such as the identification of markers and the prediction of disease course and treatment response. Georg Langs, Medical University of Vienna - Lab Director, contextflow - Chief Scientist ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 3. GDPR - A technical view on GDPR ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ GDPR will be operative in end of May and effects heavily the BigData Landscape. During this talk Bernhard will provide some pitfalls and share his point of view how to address them. Bernhard Ortner, VDSG member Big Data enthusiast with a strong background on engineering in different areas such as finance, energy and governance. He was responsible for maintaining operational data lakes and developing proof-of-concepts for big data technologies. In his leisure time he enjoys various athletic activities like running, bicycling or sailing. Furthermore, he appreciates spending time with his family and friends.

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