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We are the Nichiren Buddhist Sangha of Greater New England (Shingo-Zan Kosen-Ji 眞行山廣宣寺) a Nichiren Shu temple located in Haverhill, MA. Nichiren Shu Buddhism came to the U.S. with Japanese practitioners over 100 years ago and has now become accessible here in New England with services and Dharma talks conducted in English. We are also the first outside of Japan to to become a branch temple of Saijo Inari Zan Myokyo-Ji (最上稲荷山妙教寺) in Okayama, Japan.

We offer a form of Buddhist practice based on the Lotus Sutra and the teachings of the 12th century monk Nichiren Shonin. While there are nearly forty schools of Buddhism based on Nichiren’s teachings, we are the orthodox school practicing Mahayana Buddhism based on the Lotus Sutra. Our main temple is Minobu-zan Kuon-Ji(身延山久遠寺)located in Minobu, Japan. We have rich traditions and rituals modeled closely on practices in Japan and our services combine shindoku (faith reading) with modern English for understandability. We enshrine and offer amulets for many deities and Bodhisattvas at our temple; including our main protector Inari (最上位経王大菩薩), Daikoku-Ten, Kishimojin, Kanzeon, Tuer Shen (protector of the LGBTQ community), and many others.

We offer meditation, Lotus Sutra study, study of Nichiren Shonin's writings, and sutra chanting practices on a regular basis. We are known as the “noisy” Buddhists because of our intense, percussive manner of chanting and use of drums in service. All are welcome, no experience necessary, or classes required before attendance. Special ceremonies such as weddings, memorial services, child blessing, etc. can be arranged by appointment.

If you are new to Buddhism, you can watch a typical service on our Youtube page (link below). We also suggest you attend our slow chanting service on Sundays, to learn more about the practice of Buddhism and to answer any questions you have about getting started with your practice.

Visit our official website here:  You can also learn more about Nichiren Shu and our temples around the world here:

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