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What we’re about

The Buffalo Outdoors Meetup (the BOM) is dedicated to everything outdoors, with tons of great people who love doing things outside, and occasionally inside. This is an informal group of people who share their own ideas and time to set up events out of a desire to help each other explore available opportunities for adventure in the Western New York outdoors and beyond.
Keep in mind that participation is always at your own risk, and your safety is your own responsibility. BOM is not a business or even a formal organization, and event organizers are not serving as paid tour guides. Think of scheduled events as a suggestion by the event organizer to do something at the same time and place that they plan to do it, with some information to help you decide whether and how to safely join them.
Everyone involved in BOM is a volunteer and shares their own time and resources to help other members find and enjoy these great opportunities. Organizers are happy to answer questions as we are able, but please don't expect too much pampering or "hand-holding". The comment pages are for questions and suggestions about events, not for gripes and complaints. Three NO SHOWs within a 12 month period, unsafe acts, persistent negativity or personal attacks by a member will lead to removal from BOM.
With those guidelines set, this is a really great group of people who know how to enjoy the outdoors together--we look forward to seeing you join us at some of our upcoming events.
-Seth (Former Organizer)