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Adding AI to Your Help Desk
Geared toward a technical audience, this 30-minute talk covers the basics of using machine learning with a real-world use case - building and deploying a cloud-based model to help provide relevant answers to help desk questions. Phil Culliton (@PhilCulliton) is a Senior Data Scientist at Google / Kaggle. He has worked as a machine learning engineer, researcher, and game developer for the last 18 years, and is formerly VP of Engineering and senior researcher at MultiModel Research, a medical text understanding startup. We'll meet on June 20, 2018 in 113A Davis Hall. Davis Hall is on White Rd, not far from the Bookstore. The Jarvis B lot is just across the road. No parking permit is required after 3PM. Sponsors for this season are EngineYard ( and Stark and Wayne ( We will continue our tradition of light refreshments at 7:00 with the presentation at 7:15. From 7:00 to 7:15 there will be an open floor for anyone to give a short talk on a loosely related topic that may be of interest to the group. This could be a lightning talk, an appeal for help from the group, or just to share something interesting. Without slides is best, but slides will be allowed.

UB North Campus, Davis Hall Room 113A

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    BuffaloPHP is now the Buffalo Web Developers user group. My hope with this change is to bring more people from more varied backgrounds into the community and give them an opportunity to learn what the web dev community at large does to tackle the shared problems that might not be language specific. There will still be language-specific talks allowed so if you have a great talk on the Ruby framework you're working with, you want to give a talk on the gotchas of upgrading to the next PHP version, or you want to talk about the awesome new AWS product, all talks will be welcome.

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