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What we’re about

Buffs: The Gay Men's Social Cinema Experience!
Buffs is a social enterprise run by volunteers with the mission to host cinema and other entertainment experience events where gay and bi men can come together, share in the fun and make new friends. We schedule events a few times each week, hosted by one of our Buffs Organisers who will be there to greet you and introduce you to others participating in the event. Many new friendships have been forged through Buffs events which creates a positive impact on the lives of Buffs members and helps make London less of a lonely city.

The Buffs London Organisation Team is comprised of event organisers and hosts from a variety of backgrounds. Each host is skilled in hosting our Buffs meetups and helping members make new social connections during each of the events. Our hosts specialise in different film and entertainment genres so that we may offer the widest variety of hosted film events for our members.

It's easy to join Buffs by creating a profile on and then joining the group. The only thing we require is that you have a clear face pic in your profile so that we can easily recognise you when you come to one of our events. ***This face pic should be a close-up without sunglasses or anything else covering your face. ***It's also best if there's only one face in the pic as well, so we don't get confused. Once you join with a face pic in your profile, you'll usually get approved with a welcome message within 24 hours. 

If your picture isn't following our guidelines, you'll get a message saying so and inviting you to re-join with another more suitable face pic. Once you've joined, you'll see all our events listed on our page. You'll also start receiving emails whenever we post a new event, and also reminder emails about events coming-up. It's easy to join an event by clicking on the RSVP button on the event page. You'll also see information and instructions on how and where to purchase your tickets.

We won't get your tickets for you, so please follow the instructions and try to book seats near us so we can sit together. But remember, if you cannot come to an event, please change your RSVP, even if it's at the last minute! When you arrive at our event, be sure to look for one of the hosts. They'll be looking out for you and will greet you and also introduce you to others. It's a good idea to arrive at the suggested time so you have enough time to meet the host and other Buffs before the actual film or performance.