What we're about

This is a group for anyone interested in exploring Durham on foot, grabbing a few beers, and logging a few miles with friends. All paces and experience levels welcome.

Run and drink responsibly. Bull City Beer Runners is not responsible for any injuries or your bad decisions, pole dancing included. Bring your own safety gear!


What pace do you run?

Whatever pace you run! We typically end up with a few groups of varying paces with most of the pack coming in from 9:00 to 12:00. But faster or slower is totally cool, too.

Do I have to run?

No! You can walk or just hang out. If you're going to walk, we do recommend lining up a buddy to walk with. If you don't, someone will definitely join you, but there's a good chance they came to run.

Do I have to drink?

Nope! And no one will ever pressure you to.

Does it cost anything?

To be a Beer Runner, no (aside from buying your own beers and running gear). But Meetup does charge us. Richie and Nina used to pay these fees out of pocket until we approached Durty Bull and they enthusiastically agreed to foot the bill.

Other expenses come up, too:

• Nina and Richie often buy beers for first-timers

• Deposits for activities (booking venues for parties, Summer Camp, beach weekends, etc.)

• Deposits or minimums on custom gear orders Prizes for Beer Miles and other competitive events

…having a sponsor to cover or subsidize these expenses would be nice!

How is your social media game so fierce?

Nina manages our Instagram account, and volunteers manage the Facebook page and Facebook group (though that's sort of on autopilot). They do this in their free time, so if you have an interest in helping, let Nina know! We are in particular need of reusable posts to promote each run or the group in general (Canva is a great resource for this).

Who are our sponsors and why do we have them?

Durty Bull sponsors us by paying our annual Meetup dues. Because we give them so much business, we also get other perks like using the brewery as an event venue and getting a special beer brewed just for us (#partytogetherdiealone).

Bull City Running Company sponsors us by giving Beer Runners a 15% discount on full-priced items in the store. We also collaborate on special events because we love this community of runners.

See the "Does it cost anything?" section for more info on why we have (and want more) sponsors.

How can I get more involved?

• Become an Event Organizer

Maybe you never miss a regularly-scheduled run or you have an idea for a new one and you want to take the lead. Let Nina or Richie know if you're interested in organizing! Some things you do as an Event Organizer:

Before the event…

Post the details to Meetup Monitor the comments and answer questions If anything changes, update the event and communicate with the attendees

At the event…

Make sure everyone is present, accounted for, and feels welcome Facilitate introductions and go over what to expect/rules of the run Make sure no one gets lost of left behind Take pictures! Volunteer your time/skills

• Graphic design for social media posts and gear

• Event planning Volunteer events/fundraisers

• Coming up with new ideas (and better yet: execution of those ideas)

• Collecting feedback from the group

• Finding sponsors

• Help with an event

Our bigger events have lots of moving parts and there are lots of ways to help:

Research venues

Design invitations

Track RSVPs

Collect deposits

Help with decorations

Coordinate food/drinks

Plan activities

• RATPOF (run at the pace of friendship)

If you haven’t hung back with someone who runs slower than you in a while, we highly encourage you to do it! Consistently bringing up the rear because of your pace or because you always RATPOF can make you feel left out after a while. RATPOFing more often can lead to making new friends or deepening existing friendships with people of other paces.

I want to air a grievance. Who do I talk to?

Nina, Richie, or, if it's about a specific event, the Event Organizer (Meetup will tell you who it is).

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Tuesday Night Beer Run: Durty Bull

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