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What we’re about

Hello and welcome! This group started as a small group of friends who liked to wall climb at Petra Cliffs in Burlington, except their schedules didn't always line up, and the Meetup group was born so that there was always someone to climb with.

One of the many cool things about this sport is that all levels can climb together, because it is only one person on the wall at a time, with the other person either spotting or belaying.  If you have never gone before, you can rent equipment, be taught how to belay, and see how you like it for a day fee.  If you get hooked, you can check out the different membership options at Petra Cliffs.

Climbing is a full-body workout, and it also requires you to engage your mind, emotions, problem-solving skills, and to practice staying calm in the face of challenges and sometimes fear. And... it's just the best kind of fun you can have with family, friends, and new friends, so come on over and give it a try!