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What we’re about

Welcome at Mabuhay po! Manila, Philippines Entrepreneurs and Business people!

Please join in! Principled profit. This is our core motto. Our group is for those whose passion and heart is into making MONEY not only for profit's sake but for making it an instrument to helping others. Profit is just a reward for a job well done. For business with a conscience and social responsibility.

Kabuhayan at Kaunlaran para sa Ating mga Kababayan at Kaibigan!

Finding the Entrepreneur and Business Meetup group is not an accident. There is huge potential for the Philippines and the Filipinos, only if we start to care more for others than we do for ourselves and make larger than life expectations. Without any hidden agenda, if we can just do one act of kindness everyday to a fellow Filipino and subtract one misdeed everyday, the Philippines would become a better place to live in. We want to raise the bar of excellence in the wonderful field of business and entrepreneurship by adding value and inspiration online and offline.

I started this group more than five years ago while I was searching for an online support group for Entrepreneurs and Business minded individuals but found none for Meetup. What became of this group was not a quick turnaround but hundreds of hours and years of learning, testing, listening and observing. What started out as a hobby, now grew to become the first and largest community of Meetup online. I spend time in creating a community based on trust and genuine collaboration and true friendships and NOT mere facade of talk or competition. Therefore all of our meetups are meant for learning, creating friends and contacts, resource and information exchange with others who are seriously considering or are involved in any Business and Entrepreneurial endeavor that adds value and creates a better Philippines and Filipinos. Every event is meant to learn something, gain friends, a platform to share, contribute, discuss and promote.

What we are NOT: We are not just a social community, we do not operate only online but offline as well, we are not a group of critiques, we are non partisan, non government and non political. We do not tolerate crab mentality. We emphasize the online component BUT we balance it with social and personal meetings and events because our main aim is to create supportive and collaborative circle that doesn't have to worry about protocol. It does not matter where you live or how far you are, join us online and personally meet us during any of the events. We have friends and contacts coming from different regions like Laguna, Pampanga, Cebu, Bicol, etc. and different places like: Michigan, Portugal, UK, Australia, etc. and the like attend and meet us up personally. It has been a blessing to meet people from different cultures and from all walks of life. You do not need to know too little or too much to join in this community. We would like to see that our online connections between each of us grow both offline and online.

I would be happy to help other regions to get started for local meet-ups as well. This is a great opportunity to learn some really cool ways to promote your business well and effectively online and offline. For those that do not want to do it themselves we can sort that out for you.

This is a private meetup but everyone is welcome, we just do not want bots, trolls or scammers to join. We are looking for fun, caring people with good attitude that would emphasize our great Philippine heritage. To join, please use a valid email address, introduce yourself by filling out the online profile questions. Let us know a little of your interests and what we can possibly help you with and add a recent photo of you where you are clearly recognizable. Completed profile helps us to get to know you a little and they make our group feel friendlier and less anonymous. Photos also help us remember you as we associate a face with a name and display our diversity. Best of all, joining online is absolutely FREE.

Thank you and hope to see you in one of our Meetup events..

Salamat po ng marami and God richly bless you!


yunesa (at) yahoo (dot) com