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What we鈥檙e about

Canadian Marketing Team
Your growth-oriented Chief Marketing Officer helps you get direct results, AKA positive ROI from your marketing dollars. Unlike many digital advertisers, print-media firms, SEO'er, web designer claiming to be marketing agencies, we understand they are only a part of a tool of a well-designed Articulated Marketing Message.

What is marketing supposed to do for your Small-Medium Business:
Marketing is supposed to generate leads, educate the leads, remove resistance and obstacles to purchase and create a relationship with the leads, so they are willing to do business with you repeatedly.

Marketing is not a replacement for products and services that require selling. Marketing prepares the prospective customer super-easy for you to sell and close the deal.

Imagine when you & your sales team pick up the phone to call up the leads:

The leads speak to you as if they already know you, understand why you are so awesome without you saying it, why they would rather pay you extra money than your competition try to sell for cheaper, oh, and they have credit card ready to pay.

In our 45 min Sales & Marketing Makeover, we guarantee we'll identify and find business owners between $10,000 and $100,000 or more in their business without spending a dollar on marketing or advertising.

Our only competition is the business owner that does not understand the value of what we do.