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What we’re about

We invite you to join us for face to face networking with women entrepreneurs, business owners, community investors and, others to bridge divides, create opportunities, undo fear, prevent poverty and build community. We are allies and friends for women entrepreneurs, locally and globally.  Let's engage in conversations for possibilities and opportunities. Let's get to know each other better for mutual support and advancement. 


Join us for conversations over lunch (self-pay) on the 3rd Sundays of each month in Downtown Washington D.C. near Foggy Bottom/George Washington University to develop new contacts and relationships. Join the discussion in the message board of this group. We look forward to meet you in person and please followup with us. Thank you for your interest and participation.

This program facilitates spontaneous conversations to learn, support, exchange ideas, share insights, lessons learned, new opportunities and identify ways to expand your network of community allies, friends and prospects for your dream team. Please sign up for a half hour one-on-one phone conversation to explore common interests. This monthly community on 3rd Sundays is a time efficient way to stay in touch with friends, old and new!

This program provides a friendly context to introduce you to new contacts and possibilities. This is also a way to help newcomers learn about the Foggy Bottom West End neighborhood in Wash. DC.  We are interested in what matters to you and others in this group. This volunteer community initiative provides opportunities to develop new community stakeholders, sponsors and  investors to collaborate on new approaches to develop better solutions to address women entrepreneurs' need and aspirations. 

We invite you to come to this event and help shape a better quality of life for all together. Begin by attending the 3rd Sundays networking events, introduce yourself to the co-organizers and others on the event team.  Express your interest in serving as a member or sponsor or facilitate a conversations topic  around your passion. 

AGENDA for the 3rd Sunday events: (1) Networking conversations over lunch or drink (self-pay for your own drink/food) (2) A round of self-introductions to the group, network with others at the event for as long as you wish for the rest of the afternoon. We welcome people from all 8 wards of the City and from the Greater Washington D.C. area.

Mark your calendar, 12:30PM every third Sunday of the month.

The web address here is  It is free to join this online group. We also invite you to join (free) For more info on the nonprofit co-sponsor see We appreciate a $5 donation online when you reserve here. At the door, we appreciate a $10 donation. Thank you for your support! Any questions, call 202 496 1555 to speak to a volunteer coordinator. 

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