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What we’re about

-We are NOT a dating site group. We Are a SOCIAL singles group
-A Main Profile Photo Of Just Yourself where we can see who you are ( NO GROUP PHOTOS,NO Pets, NO Children)
-A Real First Name
-A REAL FIRST NAME (John,Mary,Etc.)We do not need a last name, but a last initial is helpful in distinguishing members with the same first name.wE WILL NOT ACCEPT fake names, Lord Knight, Sunshine or initials FJP.
-A MAIN PROFILE PHOTO OF JUST YOURSELF..A clear visible photo of just yourself so we can identify you at events! We will not accept group photos ( we do not want to try to figure out who you are) photos of your pets, car or scenery photos.
We are a private group and we have the right to remove anyone at any time if we feel a need to.
BuxMont Social Singles is a dedicated to providing Singles (age 40+) in Bucks County, Montgomery County and the surrounding areas with opportunities to get out of the house, meet other people with good attitudes, have fun, and engage in activities with other like-minded, single people with positive attitudes. Whether you’re new to the area, have lost contact with friends due to divorce or other events, or just want to get out and meet new people, we’re here to help you make Friends with other singles in Bucks and Montgomery Counties!
BuxMont Social Singles has a broad range of activities, including Happy Hours, Dinners, Brunches, BYOB events, Wine Tastings, Family events, Personal Development activities, Movies, Dancing, Sports, Adventures, Beach trips, Book Club, Volunteering, Karaoke, Hiking, Kayaking, Canoeing, Picnics & BBQs, Movies, Bowling, Holiday Celebrations, Comedy Clubs, Skating, and so much more. Traditional events include a Halloween party, Martini party, Game Night, Holiday parties. We love to get together with our Single friends to see sporting events, including gathering for Phillies, Eagles and Flyers games – either tailgating at the stadium, or seeing games at a local sports bar. We hold events throughout Bucks and Montgomery Counties, with some ventures to the beach, the city, or wherever we can get a group together to enjoy.
Some things that make this group unique:

  • Unprecedented host and organizer support including exclusive host/organizer appreciation events.
  • The widest array of cultural, entertainment, enrichment, personal growth and adventure activities and introductions to numerous new experiences.
  • Masters of the Impromptu Meetup: Great last minute ideas that won't require you to fill your schedule a month in advance. It's Friday night and you're looking for something fun to do - check here first!

For the protection of our members and the convenience of our hard-working all-volunteer organizers, you are required to post a recent, legible photo as your main profile photo, which is a reasonable likeness of yourself. Group photos are not acceptable - please don't ask us to try to figure out which person in the photo is you. This is to be your PRIMARY photo in your profile, which will help our organizers greet you when you arrive at an event. If you are in the witness protection program or if you're having problems with a cyber stalker (but are not a fugitive yourself) let us know so we can make special arrangements to help you keep a low profile.

DUES: At this time, we are not collecting dues for this group, as I am paying for them every 6 months for $106 per every 6 months for the past 4+ years. 

At some time in the future, we may ask for a reasonable amount of dues which will support our organizers by covering expenses for them.

RULES: Please read our Rules at this link, and then we hope you choose to join us!
We believe that being single is something to Celebrate Positively, and we support the creation of new friendships in every possible way.