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Brasov Tech Meetup is a community initiated by freelancers and developed together with the local IT engineers and entrepreneurs.

The events are dedicated to geeks, hackers, entrepreneurs and investors, juniors and experts. We want to bring together like-minded people that can bound and develop ideas together while sharing their knowledge and passion with the community.

We are all driven by our passion for the latest technology trends, by the things that keep us up at night, the weekend projects that most of us have and our open source contributions.

Since June 2014 (8 months after launch), Siemens Industry Software has endorsed our initiative giving us access to a great venue and coffee break for our attendees.

If you want to demo your product, please reach out to one of the organizers with a message on this site.

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2016 | Internet of Things
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2016 | Demystifying Continuum for Phones: 7 myths about the future of PC

Continuum for Phones is Microsoft’s take on the future of the PC. With Windows 10 Mobile, a Windows 10 smartphone and a Display Dock your smartphone can become your PC, allowing you to work like you are doing with your laptop. Can this be the Future of PC? Let’s find out. In this session we will explore the facts and myths around Continuum for Phones and you will see live demo of Continuum for Phones in day by day scenarios. Using only a Display Dock the keyboard and mouse along with other peripherals can be leveraged in order to transform your Windows 10 smartphone in a PC and giving you access to the productivity and entertainment value of a PC with the portability, cost, and convenience of a single device. Come and see Continuum in action!

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