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Cadence - Joliet SOCCER Pick Up
Adult Soccer PICK UP! NEWSESSION! RSVP NOW! Where? AT Cadence Soccer & Futsal Center Duration: TOTAL OF 90 MINUTES.!!! LIMITED TO 28 PLAYERS IN ORDER TO ENJOY THE MOST PLAYING TIME! 4 Teams of 6 PLAYERS EACH! We will play a tourney where everyone will play 4 games of 15 minutes each: Teams: A - B - C - D Game 1: - A vs. B Game 2: - C vs. D Game 3: - A vs. C Game 4: - B vs. D Game 5: - B vs. C Game 6: - A vs. D Game 7: - 3rd Place Game: 1st vs 4th Place Game 8: - 1st Place Game: 3rd vs 2nd Place Winners gets 3 point; Ties 1 point; Losers 0 points; Tie-breaker is goal differential. ONLY $10 per player - RSVP AND PAY ONLINE IN ORDER TO COUNT YOU IN! IF YOU RSVP WITHOUT PAYING, THEN YOU WILL NEED TO PAY AT THE ENTRANCE! RSVP RULES: 1) You MUST RSVP in order to play. The 24 Players on the RSVP are the only players allowed to play. 2) If you RSVP and do not show up, you are still liable for the RSVP fee. Field rental, refs and admin fees are financial costs that do not come free. 3) If you will be late, you need to: a- Text me and let me know at least 30 minutes before kick off to[masked] b- Email me at [masked] c- LAST AND LEAST PREFERRED OPTION: leave a comment on this meetup (sometimes messages from the meetup site do not as fast as you could wish) 4) If you RSVP and show up late without notice, you will need to wait until the following game to jump in. 5) If you "RSVP + 1" or +2 and your +1 or +2 do not show up, then you are liable to their fee. 6) If you bring in a buddy without RSVPing +1, your buddy can not play unless the pick up is missing players. 7) WAIT-LIST: If you are on the WAIT-LIST and show up to play you can not expect to play. This is at your own risk if you decide to show up and by no means the staff will allow you to play. HOWEVER: a- CHECK YOUR STATUS as RSVP players may drop last minutes and you may be moved to the RSVP list. b- If are moved to the RSVP list and are not able to come due to the last minute notification, PLEASE MODIFY YOUR STATUS in order to for players in the wait-list to be moved to the RSVP status. IMPORTANT RULE: IF YOU DECIDE TO SHOW UP AND ARE EITHER ON THE WAIT-LIST, A "+1" THAT WAS NOT INCLUDED IN THE RSPV LIST, OR A BUDDY OF SOMEONE, YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO PLAY, UNLESS: a- An RSVP player is late by 20 minutes and did not notify us of being late. b- If you are placed in a team and an RSVP player shows up within 20 minutes from kick off, you will be asked to stop playing and give your spot to the RSVP player. c- If you RSVPd and you show up after 20 minutes from kick off without notifying us, a player on the wait-list will be allowed to take your spot and you will not be able to play. In order to make pick up experience a success, we need 10 players to RSVP. Otherwise, the meet up will not take place. If you RSVP'd and the meet-up is canceled, then you will be notified and refunded. CLEATS ARE NOT ALLOWED - TURF INDOOR SHOES ARE RECOMMENDED! Disclaimer: The information and views in this meetup group are those of the individuals' participating and do not necessarily reflect the official opinion of Cadence. Neither Cadence, and all other divisions nor any person acting on their behalf may be held responsible for the use and opinion of the individuals making use of this meetup group. Please report any inappropriate comments to [masked] Thank you

Cadence Soccer & Futsal Center

2250 S. Chicago St · Joliet, IL

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Cadence Soccer & Futsal Center (CSFC) Mission is committed to providing our community a safe, fun and well organized place to play soccer in Joliet!

We will organize pick ups for all ages and other great programs!

​The almost 25,000 Sq Ft facility is home to 3 turfed indoor soccer arenas, a full size futsal court, an auxiliary open area for , plus a 1400 sq ft VIP lounge area. We offer adults soccer and futsal leagues, open hours for pick up games, and training sessions. Our youth development program includes leagues, camps, academies, skill sessions, and private sessions. CSFC will host a unique PEAK PERFORMANCE TRAINING PROGRAM for youth seeking a professional career in soccer.

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