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The Calgary Real Estate Investor Hub is based out of Calgary, AB. We are a team of investment-focused realtors at EXP Realty serving like-minded investor clients.
We strive to offer local information, potential investment opportunities and offer to provide value to everyone wherever they may be in their investing journey. Feel free to post your questions and connect with other members!

Our monthly real estate investor meetup offers a unique blend of presentations and networking opportunities. During the first 30-60 minutes of the event, we cover a range of exciting real estate investing-related topics. The remaining few hours are dedicated to building relationships and expanding your network. This event is perfect for both new and experienced investors who want to connect with peers and industry experts, ask questions, analyze deals, and collaborate on new opportunities. Don't miss out on the chance to enhance your real estate investment knowledge and grow your network!

Anthony Therrien-Bernard:
Anthony is a licensed realtor and co-founder of the Calgary Real Estate Investor Hub. He grew up in Trois Rivières, Québec and moved to Calgary, Alberta when he was 19. With a degree in Micro-Computers and Networking from Herzing College in Montreal, he began his career in tech but ended up finding a passion for real estate in 2012 when he purchased his first property in Calgary. Since then, he has purchased several more properties in the Calgary region and now owns over 10 doors. Anthony is also fluent in French and enjoys helping francophone clients as well – both in the Calgary area and out-of-province investors. Aside from building his real estate portfolio, Anthony enjoys hiking, skiing, motorsports, reading and spending time with his partner and two cats.
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Santhosh Nathan:
Santhosh is a licensed realtor, co-founder of the Calgary Real Estate Investor Hub and Real Estate Investor. Originally from Singapore, he moved to Calgary in 2011. He holds an Honours degree in Health Sciences from the University of Calgary, and later decided to pursue a Masters degree specializing in Medical Imaging on a dementia research project although he left his degree near the end to pursue real estate full-time. He discovered his passion for real estate investing in 2018 and now owns over 10 doors, from DIY renovations to larger multifamily projects with partners. Santhosh also speaks Tamil and works closely with the local Tamil community to help source newcomers their first home in Calgary. In his free time, he enjoys road trips, camping, and hiking with his partner and dog.
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Layne Walters:
Layne co-founded Your Mortgage Team and is a Senior Mortgage Broker at Axiom Mortgage Solutions.
Layne owns a variety of properties, including single-family units and duplexes. He is currently in the midst of developing a 64-unit multi-family development in a joint venture with an experienced developer and he did this by utilizing the buy-and-hold approach, which he is a big advocate for. He is familiar with all potential strategies to use within the buy-and-hold approach and works with investors to help them understand which would be the best fit for them.
Layne has been working with investors since he started as a mortgage broker which has given him a broad knowledge of different investing strategies and how they may work in Calgary based on where the market is at. Layne’s personal and professional experience with investing gives him invaluable knowledge and insight into the Calgary investing world. This knowledge also allows him to acknowledge and work with the risks associated with each investing strategy.
It is important to have people on your team that will be honest and help you avoid mistakes. Layne is committed to transparency, including giving his honest opinion regarding if a deal is good or not. He strives to ensure that clients are making deals that align with their goals and values. What sets Layne apart is his genuine commitment to understanding and connecting with each client.
He has been an active real estate investor since 2005, and currently has over 30 doors.
You can get in touch with Layne at:

*No external Realtors or Mortgage Brokers may join or participate in this group unless pre-approved by Calgary Real Estate Investor Hub. This decision has been made to ensure that our discussions remain authentic, unbiased, and relevant to the needs of our members. We aim to create a level playing field where members can freely exchange knowledge, share experiences, and seek advice without any commercial influence.*

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