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[CalgaryR] ( https://imstatsbee.github.io/calgaryr/ ) is a community of data enthusiasts and endeavors working with R. We wish to pursue a continuing education/development opportunity from experiences shared by our friends. Please join our public workspace: https://yyc-r.slack.com/

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[FYI] Untapped Energey Meetup - Software Engineering for Oil & Gas Professionals

Please visit the Untapped Energy Meetup if you are interested. The following description is directly copied from http://meetu.ps/e/GM64f/BYhZJ/f Tamer Salama, Senior Data Scientist at Cenovus Energy,(https://www.linkedin.com/in/tamersalama/) will provide an overview of software engineering and how it relates to the oil and gas industry: Software is eating the world and software development is now making its way into the daily activities of many professionals. Coding is now used to streamline workloads, automate mundane tasks, solve computationally challenging problems, discover more value or gain more insights into available data. This session is to introduce software components, tools and processes involved in developing digital solutions. At a high level, we’ll try to demystify how modern applications are built, what structure they adopt and what components they rely on. We’ll touch on wide-ranging topics including: - Web application structure - Database engines (Relational, NoSQL, Graph, Big Data, Search Indexers) - Coding languages, libraries & environments (R, Python, Ruby, etc.) - Interfaces (Browsers, Mobile, PWA) - Version control, agile practices and code quality - Database clients, Integrated development environments - Cloud. Light snacks will be served, courtesy of AltaML (www.altaml.com). Thanks to our venue sponsor Cenovus Energy.

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