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What we’re about

Calgary Trail Runners is a group dedicated to running the trails in and around Calgary and the vicinity with all faces at all paces. The group currently ranges from those comfortable with running for 1 hour on gentle city trails to those contemplating and competing in 100mi+ ultras.

Our core values are:
1. Wellness: we sweat, eat and drink with intention. You will notice the latter is unfairly biased, but we earn and burn our calories properly. Most importantly, we try to vanquish any feelings of languishing. 
2. Camaraderie: we do not believe in labels or tribes, but opening our hearts and connecting with other trail runners. There is a place for everyone in our village.
3. Mindfulness: Be present in the moment and revel in gratitude of the presence of our glorious backyard.
4. Mischief: Push your boundaries and play more. Live life with that silly winking emoji on your face. High grade your beer mile time.

A few important items:
> Membership is a voluntary minimum $5 a year to cover Meetup costs; please see the link on the left under "Membership dues". Any monies remaining after website costs will be donated to the Greater Bragg Creek Trail Association, who do a wonderful job of building and maintaining the trails we spend so much time on. We also strongly encourage you to volunteer with the GBCTA for trail work in lieu of paying this voluntary fee. 
> New-to-trail runners are strongly encouraged to come out on our weekly Tuesday night runs. These no-judgement runs have a variety of runners running a variety of paces, have no set distance (but deceiving amounts of vert sometimes) and are solely comprised of 60-90 minutes of running.  We wait for everyone, even those who need a cigarette break mid-run. It is highly recommended you attend one of these runs prior to embarking on one of our weekend events so you are familiar with the terrain we enjoy. 
> Runs are not "led" and are rather a fast wander based on someone's idea. We will do our ultimate best to create the safest environment to run in, but please be responsible for yourself and your impact on others' well-being and safety.  By RSVPing "Yes" for any event you acknowledge that you are solely responsible for your personal safety and liability, and acknowledge that we are not a professional organization or professional mountain/trail guides. You recognize that event organizers have no fundamental duty of care for your safety above the strictest legal definition of criminal negligence, and that we are most definitely not a tour company.

Trail etiquette expectations -
While we don't expect you to be reppin' CTR everywhere you go, it is expected that as a trail user, you

  1. Respect everyone's right to be on the trail. Even equestrians. We all build and maintain the same trails and share the same beta.
  2. Be the good you wish to see on the trail. Practice inclusiveness and allow everyone to pursue their own happiness in their own ways.
  3. Be kind. Trails have always been the common ground that connects us; as a result we have a responsibility to one another out there.
  4. Spread good trail vibes. Smile! Step aside! Lend a hand! Exercise a little courtesy.

Happy trails!