Art for the masses


Is it true that those who truly appreciate art are often more cultured and well-off in our society?

Is the world of art shifting from the paradox of singularism to pluralism?

Is there an opportunity for art to be a business to the masses?

Heath Kane is an Australian born award-winning designer with over twenty-five (25) years experience working for some of the largest and world-leading advertising, brand and digital agencies. Since 2014 Heath has crossed over and established himself into an internationally renowned artist, as well as the founder of ACE Club.

Join us for this CamCreative evening where we chat to Heath, and he talks about the influences in his work - drawing inspiration from his commercial art background and the origins of urban art.

His talk will also answer some of the questions posed, and show the link between art and the practice of design thinking, and how storytelling is crucial to connect people to art.

Happy to get his hands dirty and get stuff done, and encourage others to do the same, he’ll be pushing the boundaries at this event.

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