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What we’re about

Looking for more peace in your life? Seeking a healthy way to feel better and experience more happiness?
Meet other local people who practice meditation. Discuss techniques, philosophies and schools of thought. We explore and practice all forms of meditation and mindfulness without any ties to a specific religion or dogma.
We meet for one hour. The first fifteen minutes is a group discussion about meditation, followed by a 30 minute guided meditation with the rest of the time for wrap-up and discussion.
Five Reasons Meditating in a Group is Better

  1. Increased motivation: Meditating in a group can provide a sense of accountability and motivation to stick with a regular meditation practice. When you meditate with others, you can feel more encouraged to show up and participate, as opposed to meditating alone.
  2. Group energy: Meditation is often described as a deeply personal and introspective experience, but it can also be enhanced by the energy of a group. Group meditation can create a shared field of consciousness, and the collective energy of the group can amplify the individual effects of meditation.
  3. Social support: Meditation can be challenging, and it can be helpful to have the support of others who are also working to develop their practice. When you meditate in a group, you can share your experiences, challenges, and insights with others, and receive support and encouragement in return.
  4. Diversity of perspectives: When you meditate with a group, you have the opportunity to learn from others who have different perspectives and experiences. This can broaden your understanding of meditation and help you develop a more diverse and inclusive practice.
  5. Sense of community: Meditating in a group can create a sense of community and connectedness with others. This can help you feel more connected to others and to the world around you, which can have a positive impact on your overall well-being. Additionally, meditating in a group can provide a sense of belonging and shared purpose, which can help sustain your meditation practice over time.

We hope you will decide to join us!

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