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Purpose: The Camping and Hiking group exists to explore the beautiful California outdoors and have outdoor adventures.

Who should join: If you are looking for adventurous and beautiful day hikes and camping trips, Camping and Hiking is the right group for you.

Camping: Each year, we book some camp sites, and post Hiking and Camping activities, most of them are weekend camping trips 1 to 2 days. I would like to share the campsite and hiking trips with others to share the fun and experiences. For most of the campsite we have to pay a fees, while others are free. We share cost per person plus operational costs, you bring your own camping gears and take your own responsibility and liability.

Hiking: Hikes of various difficulty level and length are posted through out the year. Most of the hikes start at 6 miles and go up to 30+ miles all day hikes. You are welcome to follow my hiking route and time schedule.

Let's hike and explore California outdoors together!!!

Release of Liability:

By joining this group, you hereby RELEASE and DISCHARGE it's organizers all liabilities and claims from any of the causes of the actions that you and your guests have or may have in the future, for injuries, damages, death and or economic loss without limitation of any kind in any of the activities in this group and release the organizers (hosts) and providers from all liabilities and claims therefore.

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Death Valley & Telescope Peak - Place Holder
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Date: TBD

Where to meet : Mahogany Flat campgroud.

Where to stay: Mahogany Flat campground ( free ) Wild Rose Camp ground

( free),orBackcountryCamp


or the Stovepipe Wells Village


Telescope Peak: This is not a beginner hike the railhead starts at 8133 feet and will climb to 11049 over 7 miles one way and back.Total gain is over 3000. The way that we will be approaching this hike is to leave Mahogany Flat on the trail before 8:00 AM PST for a climb that takes approximately 4 hours. There will be a 1-2 hour break at the top to get all of the views. I suggest bringing a lunch for the top. The decent takes about 3 hours depending on how many stops we have along the way I expect we can be down by 6:00 PM.

Although the purpose of this Hike is Telescope Peak there are several things to see along the way so expect the times to vary.

Items to bring: Light pack, Water, food, wind breaker the rest is up to you.

Notes and tips,

1, 4-wheel drive may be necessary. Do not over-pack your luggage, Carpool and be willing to share the gas costs.

2, although Telscope Peak is above 11049, the total gain of elevation is only about 3100, spread out 7 miles.

3, It is light day-pack hiking, not backpacking hiking. We will be only bringing the day pack for climbing the peak.

4, long way to get to the death valley , carpool are highly recommended, please send the emails out to find your carpool passagers.

5, the liability release form will be signed before hiking. come prepared and join this activity at your own risks.

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Mt Diablo Hike

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