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Chinese/french-Engli­­sh language and culture exchange
Chinese/French-English language and culture exchange. You want to learn or practice Chinese, French or english ? make new friends? Come and share with fellow Chinese, Chinese culture lovers, or other language students ! Beginners, intermediate and advanced levels are all welcome. Our workshop allows you to learn or to practice, and spend time with new and old friends. We are going to arrange small mixed groups of people, spend half the time speaking in Chinese and the other half in either French or English . Others might just want to practice chess or just chat . Activities are structured for the specific needs of each individual, such as vocabulary, pronunciation, listening or comprehension. In addition, this activity is designed to enable members to discover the contemporary and traditional Chinese culture. If you wish , you are welcome to bring any book or any other practice material . Most importantly , let's have fun in a relaxed atmosphere , making the practice more enjoyable for everyone. --------------------------------------中文-------------------------------------------- 语言交流是由两位或多位运用他们不同的本国语言进行相应的语言交流。根据学习计划的不同举例说明;如果您希望练习法语,您可以与说法语的会员进行语言交流。 但是语言交流有很多不同的形式,比如我们在这个Meetup活动中,运用学习中国象棋的基本游戏规则,作为交换语言和打破难开口的障碍。不怕出错误,重在游戏中掌握对方的语言习惯,语言交流活动分为初级,中级,高级;第一阶段运注重汉语基础知识,和正确阅读拼。第二阶段加大词汇量,掌握基本语法。第三个阶段注重针对性的语言提高,比如针对汉语考试进行学习。根据每个朋友的语言水平循序渐进的形式进行语言交流和练习。最终达到用中文,我们用轻松的氛围,放松的状态享受学习语言的乐趣。

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Montréal is famous for having MANY ACTIVITIES & FESTIVALS.

We are hosting culture exchange events such as Chinese Language practice workshop (Mandarin), HSK Test Prep Course and more Chinese Lessons are NOW ONLINE!!! , Free Ink wash painting class ! , Free Chinese movie night ! and Chinese chess Xiangqi class! We would love to build up a bridge between the individuals, communities, enterprises and organizations to promote culture exchange and friendship.

We love eating the GOOD FOOD ! Our cooking classes are perfect for foodies, check out our Chinese Cooking Workshop !! you’ll get hands-on experience and you will enjoy eating the dishes we cooked during the class.

We are also a Creative Community With the Best Photo Contests.

We invite you to discover and explore the best local restaurants in town, check out our Discovery Of Chinese Restaurants !! Come with your loved one, your family or friends to share this wonderful experience with us.

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