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What we’re about

Cape Cod PRIDE Social Group Whether you're interested in coming to one of our events and connecting with other LGBTQ people on the Cape, aren't quite sure you're ready dive in, or just want to sit on the sidelines, you're welcome here. This is a safe place, without hate or judgement. And yes, we're a private group (meaning that only other members can see you) .  Cape Cod is richly LGBTQ populated, our hope is this social group becomes a valuable link for us all.
Meetup Organizers: Pam Washburn, President, Nimtuk Vice President, Rachel Crosby, Treasurer and Lucy Young,Secretary.
If you have ideas and suggestions, please share them with us and if you have spare time on your hands consider volunteering or sign up for the newsletter @ or contact Follow us on IG- and FB-
About Cape Cod Pride Cape Cod Pride, Inc. is a 501c3 organization formed to actively support the LGBTQ Cape Cod community with three goals: 1. LGBTQ people from throughout Southeastern Massachusetts will feel free to be themselves and be appreciated by the broader community of Cape Cod and beyond. 2. LGBTQ community members will feel less isolated and more aware of each other and of the many resources available to them. 3. The broader Cape Cod community will become more aware of the issues and hurdles facing the LGBTQ community today, as well as of the role all may play in furthering equality
Currently a single meet up group Cape Cod PRIDE encompasses the the entire cape, members are welcome and even encouraged to join in supporting our efforts cape wide. We also support the activities of other LGBTQ groups and organizations allied with our mission by cross promoting their events and activities.